Friday, June 16, 2017

D-mall, a Huge Tax Free Shopmall Opened in Daegu Today.

Daegu Tax Free Shopping Mall
D-mall @Seomun Market

A huge tax free, “D-mall” held the opening ceremony today. This shopping mall is located at the popular Seomun Market. D-mall is 300m2 in scale and a place for shopping and entertainment. HyeJin Han and D.I.P performed to celebrate the opening. Come out to Seomun Market for good food this weekend and check out this new tax free shop!
-Location: 3rd floor @ Myungpoom Plaza in Seomun Market
-Hours: Mon~Thur 9:30~19:00 Fri & Weekend 9:30~21:00

Daegu D-mall sells luxury beauty products, popular brand fashion items and more. You can also check hot items from popular Korean TV shows. If you are interested in Korean beauty secret, there are many famous Korean cosmetics like Song Hye Kyo’s. Or if you are looking for a cool pair of sunglasses, you might want to try In Sung Jo’s sunglasses, etc. What’s unique about this shopping venue is you can also find high quality products of Daegu brands such as Chemeric, Sillarian, etc.


*Tax Exemption for Foreigners*
-VAT: 10% exemption
-Individual Consumption Tax: 5~20% exemption
*A Korean needs a membership to get tax benefit.

Not only can you do shopping, you can entertain yourself at the digital culture zone where you can enjoy medial wall, photo zone and VR experience. If you are a hanryu(the Korean wave) fan or simply love Korean pop culture, this is the it-place you need to check out!  

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