Friday, June 30, 2017

Daegu MEDI-EXPO: South Korea is leading the medical world.

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

MEDI-EXPO: South Korea is leading the medical world.

I heard so many things about Korea being the world leaders when it comes to medical equipment and plastic surgery. I really wanted to go check out this exhibition. Furthermore, I also wanted to take my daughter out for the day.

Upon arriving, I got myself registered. The usual price to enter such an exhibition costs 3,000 KRW. After receiving my press card, I walked passed security and made our way to the top left side of the exhibition. I wanted to walk in  zigzag method. Just like at other big exhibitions, I ended up walking in circles without covering as much as I wanted to. 

After walking for a short while, I was greeted and had the opportunity to have my lungs checked out using a breathalyzer. It measures toxins as your breath out. It was fun, as I assumed I was being breathalyzed to check levels of alcohol in my breath. Since both tool look the same, it’s quite easy to confuse the two. Thankfully my lungs are in good condition. Considering I use to smoke like a chimney when I was younger. 

Kind Staff

I was also very surprised to see how the vendors responded to my daughter. What would have been a walk around, taking photos and seeing what was on offer. Ended up turning into an adventure for my daughter. She was even given ice cream and met some cartoon characters parading around the exhibition. 

After this I moved on, and found a chair that inflates air bags and presses against your upper thighs, lower back and mid thighs. This is aimed to adjust your hips into the correct posture. The price of this chair would cost you 1,500,000 KRW. 

Moving on, the booth at this expo ranged from dental equipment’s, oriental and modern treatments for back and spinal issues. In addition, there were booths related to skin care, organic well-being products and plastic surgery. 

Progressing further, I ran into the Kyungpook National University Hospital booth. They invited me in, and I got the opportunity to check out my BMI. I jumped onto the machine and the process took 2 minutes followed by a print out. I am now able to see (with the visual aid) what parts of my body needs improvement. 

Overall the exhibition was well put together. In the sense that the booths were not jam packed against each other allowing space for people to walk with ease. My daughter had a great time, and I felt at ease since staff and booth members were positive. 

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