Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Daegu Night Scenes: How to enjoy a cool summer in Daegu! Recommended beautiful night scenes!

Beautiful Night Scenes BEST 3


Summer night in Daegu where the cool wind blows gently.
How about enjoying the night in Daegu perfect for outdoor activities properly?

We have many hot spots known for their beautiful nightscapes like The ARC, Ayang Railroad, Apsan observatory, Suseong pond, and more.
So today, we give you the BEST 3 of Daegu night scenes!

Daegu Night Scene #1. The ARC
A round cut silver object in the blue sky. This place that looks like a UFO or a stadium is The ARC. 
It’s a unique cultural center located in Dalseong-gun Gangjeongbo where the Nakdong River and the Geumho River meet.
The ARC which was created by an international architect has an exhibition room, seminar room, circle video zone and an observatory.
Many visitors come here especially at night because the entire exterior showcases various colors like a chameleon.
Enjoy the fancy night scene created by The ARC together with the Ganchang Bridge.

-Exhibition: 10:00 - 18:00/ Observatory and cafe 10:00- 22:00 (open until 23:00 in summer)
Closed: January 1, Mondays
-Entrance: free
-Address: 805, Dasa-ro Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu
-Transportation: Seongseo no. 2, exit Dasa Station of Daegu Metro Line 2

Daegu Night Scene #2 Suseong Lake
Suseong Lake is a healing place for Daegu residents that shouldn’t be missed out!
It’s a beautiful place for all seasons so it is constantly visited by visitors.
An imagery fountain show where you can enjoy the scene on a bench and Suseong amusement park!
Perfect for dating and family outing, enjoy Daegu’s nightscape at Suseong Pond.

-Address: Dusan-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
-Transportation: Suseong Pond Station Exit 1 Daegu Metro Line 3, 10 minutes on foot 

Daegu Night Scene #3. Ayang Railroad
Ayang Railroad, where you can see the night sky shining with stars!
The railroad that crossed the Geumho River for 78 years became Daegu’s nightscape after the railroad turned into a glass observatory.
It is also a well-loved site for shooting dramas.
How about you enjoy the night scene and walk along the Ayang Railroad where you can enjoy the observatory, gallery, and cafe?

-Address: 82, Haedong-ro (Jijeo-dong), Dong-gu, Daegu
-Transportation: Ayang bridge Station Exit 1 Daegu Metro Line 1, 6 minutes on foot 

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