Friday, June 2, 2017

Daegu travel :: Daegu’s Hyangyo Confucian School

Daegu’s Hyangyo Confucian School

On a recent Saturday, Min Hee joined a group of Daegu’s foreign residents and toured the Hyangyo Confucian School.  On the tour she was given an opportunity to try her hand at calligraphy and Korean Traditional Archery.  

The school was originally built in 1398.  It was destroyed during wars that were prevalent during the 16th century.  It was rebuilt in 1598.  This is an active school where scholars meet regularly to study various writings from the past.  The school also allows for people to hold traditional style wedding on the weekends.  If you visit during a wedding, remember that this is anctual even and not a show.  Please be polite and give the families space while the celebrate an important day.

The instructor gave us a short introduction on calligraphy and then showed us how to fold the paper and use the other tools.  He hung a few examples and then allowed everyone to write whatever they wanted.  There were a lot of different countries represented in the class but most were able to write in Korean or even some were trying out writing in traditional Chinese characters.

This group was mixed with English speaking Koreans and foreigners from around the world.  All were having a go at it and enjoying themselves.

It really was a multi cultural affair.  People from every continent ( no penguins, though) were present and all were excited at this opportunity.

After getting finished with writing well wishes for the future or love letter people were invited to mix some drawings in with their writing.  One of the staff members of Better Together took a liking to Min Hee and gave her a portrait to take home

One other class was a hands-on Korean Traditional Archery class.  The instructor is a retired archery instructor and now volunteers his time to conduct these classes.

After the instructions were given, the group was asked to take turns and fire few arrows at the targets.  Min Hee was not strong enough to get a full pull on the bow. Maybe next year!
The hours are 9AM to 5PM Tuesday through Sunday.  This location is also on the Daegu and Vicinity Stamp Trail Tour!

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