Friday, June 30, 2017

July Festivals You Should Not Miss in DEAGU


As we dive into a summer festival season, let’s check some of the festivals we should not miss. 

#1 Daegu Chimac Festival aka Chicken & Beer Festival (JUL 18 – JUL 23)

Chickens from one of many chickens venues. 

beer with creamy head 

Chimac Festival is an iconoic festival of Korea that takes place in Daegu. Music, chicken, beer, friends. Don’t hesitate and come out to this ultimate celebration of summer. Admissions are free for everyone. Its booths, events and performances happen throughout Duryu Park.
-Location: Duryu Park

#2 E-world Water & Horror Festival (JUN – AUG)

During the summer, this fantastical theme park turns into a huge summer excitement. There will be great activities for all ages from Aqua Fantasy Show(including water bombs), parades, and squirt gun wars! It also features the Zombie Town. If you are a thrill seeker, visit on weekends!
-Aqua Fantasy: Wednesdays to Sundays through JUN 17 – AUG 27

-Zombie Town: Every Weekends through JUL 15 – AUG 27
-Location: E-world

#3 Gangjeong Daegu Contemporary Art Festival (JUL 15 – AUG 31)

Many little status
Not for your dinner, it's an art
what is your interpretation of these pieces?

Ganjeong-bo is known for its spectacular night scene. You need to check out the beauty that river, its signature architecture, the Arc, and surrounding neighborhood creates. During the day, it is full of cultural experience. One prime example is its annual Contemporary Art Festival that takes place every summer since 2012. This year Ganjeongbo Art Festival exhibits artworks under the theme “A Statement of Continuous Journey.” It’s free, why not take your children or friends to Ganjeong-bo this weekend?

-Location: The Arc Square at Ganjeong-bo

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