Saturday, June 10, 2017

Korean Food :: Culture Through Food - Daegu food

Culture Through Food
- Daegu Food

You don't have to go to great lengths to experience a new culture in today’s world. It’s easier than ever to interact with different people and travel around the globe.

In fact, you might find yourself living abroad! Who would have thought! Whether you’re just a tourist or a resident in a foreign country, it’s common to experience some culture shock. Having to adjust to an unfamiliar environment and a new lifestyle can be difficult. If you’re a traveler, starting a career, bringing over family, or maybe you brought two unfamiliar cultures together by marrying the one you love, you can still find yourself missing home. Don’t fret! You’re in luck, because you’re in Daegu, and Daegu has a little piece of home for everyone through Food!

There’s no denying it, food is a huge part of culture, and there are a ton of cultures represented in Daegu. You can find pizza, hamburgers, Indian curry and cuisine, Thai pho, Italian pasta, Japanese ramen, coffee and biscuits at a bakery, and let’s not forget a vast array of regional style Korean cooking. It’s all in Daegu.

Don’t want to eat out alone? You can have almost any style cuisine quickly delivered to your home. Food is a universal language, and all you have to do to speak it, is eat it. Use it to bring a family together, learn more about a new friend’s culture, or share your own with others. The possibilities are endless, so get out there and enjoy all the colorful cuisine Daegu has to offer!

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