Monday, June 19, 2017

Use Daegu Int'l Airport to Visit Jeju, Tokyo, Hongkong and Bejing

Travel to Jeju, Tokyo, or Beijing from Daegu
Use Daegu International Airport 

Have you planned your summer vacation yet? If you are thinking to visit Jeju island or travel outside Korea, you might want to check Daegu International Airport. Daegu Airport offers a number of direct flights to major cities in the world including Hongkong, Beijing, Tokyo, Osaka and you name it!

-Location: Gonghangro 221 Donggu, Daegu
-Bus: 101, 101-1, 401, 719, Donggu2, Palgong1, Geuphang1 express)
-Nearest Subway Station: Ayanggyo Station(Line1)  *you need to take bus or taxi from the station)
-Contact: 1661-26263

Daegu International Airport is a beautiful two-story building. You can check in on the first floor and depart on one of the floors depending on your flight. The nearest bus stop is only 100m away and taxi stop is even closer. If you are coming by car, you can park at the airport for 4,000 won per day. 

-Everywhere: free Wi-Fi
-1st floor: domestic departure, convenience store, café, information center, roaming center, ATM
-2nd floor: international & domestic departures, pharmacy, restaurant, cafés
*You can rent a cell phone battery at the Information Center(1F)

There are Global Roaming Center and Tourist Information Center to assist your trip. Both are located on the 1st floor. If you need any help, go to the Information Center. You can enjoy free Wi-Fi while waiting for your flight anywhere at the airport,

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