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7 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Daegu’s Chimac Festival and Pyeonghwa Market

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

7 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Daegu’s Chimac Festival

Daegu’s much-anticipated Chimac Festival has officially begun! From dance parties to craft markets, the Chimac festival is more than just chicken and beer. Here are seven reasons why you can’t miss this year’s Chimac Festival.

  • Dance the Night Away

  • With three main stages and many smaller stages interspersed throughout the Duryu Park, the festival is alive with music, dancing, and all kinds of entertainment. Smaller stages include singer-songwriters and DJ booths while larger stages feature b-boy dancers and nightly EDM dance parties. There is music or an act to suit every taste. Enjoy an intimate solo performance or dance the night away with hundreds of your new best festival friends.

  • Beer Gardens and Craft Beer
  • Oktoberfest has nothing on Daegu’s Chimac Festival! This year’s festival includes a “Live Pub” – a beer tent surrounded by beer vendors serving craft brews on tap. At this outdoor beer garden, you can savor a cup of crafted brew while being entertained at the same time. Throughout the festival, many popular mainstream beer vendors have also set up smaller beer tents. Some offer games and free samples, while others are simply a nice spot to enjoy a drink.

  • Eat Your Way Around the World
  • In addition to chicken and beer, you can taste food from around the world in the Global Zone. Want even more food options? Make your way over to the food truck street where you’ll find everything from ice cream to grilled meat on a stick.

  • Take a Photo with the Chicken Mascots
  • Can you find the chicken mascots? You’ll have to look hard to find them, but when you do, they make for an amusing and memorable photo op. Impress your friends by uploading a picture taken with the Chimac Festival’s mascots to your social media feed and hashtag it with #ChimacFestival to share in the fun.

  • Shop at a Handmade Craft Market
  • Looking for a unique gift, handmade jewelry, or a one-of-a-kind souvenir of the Chimac Festival? Then look no further than the art flea market. Just outside of the amphitheater, you’ll find a pop-up shop of vendors selling everything from hand spun pottery to chic earrings.

  • Picnicking with Friends and Family
  • What better way to hang out with friends and family than at Daegu’s Chimac festival? Gather your friends, pack a picnic blanket, grab a sampling of chicken and craft beer, and enjoy an evening filled with good friends, good food, and plenty of music on Picnic Hill. It’s the quintessential way to spend summer in the city!

  • Chimac
  • Korean fried chicken + beer. Need I say more?


    Daegu Citizen Press 2017

    Chicken Gizzards @ Pyeonghwa Market

    The Daegu Chimak Festival is finally upon us! Time to enjoy the delicious fun combination of chicken and beer! Live music, different types of chicken, different beers, celebrity appearances; there are plenty of ways to enjoy the chicken and beer festival; the combination of food that Korea holds so dear to heart. Most of the festivities are centered around Duryu Park, around Daegu Tower. However, they’re other areas that are a part of the chimak festival in various places throughout Daegu. One of these places is, 평화시장 닭똥집 골목, or Pyeonghwa Market’s Chicken Gizzard Street, located in Dong-gu. This street is famous for serving chicken gizzard; a part of the stomach or digestive tract of a chicken. But why would anyone want to eat that!? Good question, and it can be answered with a quick history lesson.

    Around the 1970’s, Daegu was growing, and just like any growing city, there were lots of opportunities for work. This attracted a lot of day laborers to the city. This was before the time of E-mart, and local street markets provided most of the produce. Most of the markets also included little restaurants; the markets are still very similar today. Among these eateries were, you guessed it, chicken places. Pyungwha market, was especially known to have a lot of chicken places. Thigh, breast, neck, feet, every part of the chicken was being cooked up and served, and in a variety of different ways. The gizzards on the other hand, were tossed out, because who wants to eat chicken stomachs? Wages were poor, and day laborers did not have a lot of money. This meant they weren’t spending their hard-earned cash buying the, finer, parts of chicken for dinner. Then something clicked. The restaurant owners thought to themselves, why don’t we sell the gizzards, for cheap!? The day laborers now had a cheap chicken dish, that they could eat while enjoying their beer, brilliant! This became so popular in Pyeonghwa Market, it stuck, and it is still famous for it today.

    Chicken Gizzard street is a great way to experience a unique aspect of Daegu’s history, while enjoying the chicken and beer festival. It’s very easy to get to, too. Traveling by bus, is probably the most convenient way to get there. The 808, 937, 980, 순환2-1, 동구3, 팔공1, 급행1, 156, 401, 524, 618, and the 708 all stop right at the entrance to Pyeonghwa Market. Or you could always hop in a taxi; say평화시장 (Pyeonghwa sijang) and they will know where to go. 

    There are two main entrances, and you can't miss them, as they have inflated bright yellow chimac 
    festival entrance gates at each of them. Chicken gizzard street is a semi-circle. So, it doesn't matter where you enter, as you will be able to walk through the street from end to end quite easily. Within the street, there is a giant chicken where you can take your picture, as well as a performance area for music. Chicken gizzard restaurants line the street on both sides, find one that you like, and head inside.

    There are several types of chicken to choose from, just like any chicken restaurant; yangnyum(sweet and spicy), Soy (sweet), chimdak (chicken with spicy noodles and veggies), plain fried chicken, and chicken GIZZARD (닭똥집/DakddongJip). Pair your gizzard with some beer, soju, or beer and soju (somek) if you’re feeling brave. For those with families, you can enjoy cider or coke, and have what I like to call, Chicol (Chicken and Cola).

    So, head on over to Chicken Gizzard Street, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, with a historical chicken dining experience!

    -Where: 평화시장 닭똥집 골목, or Pyeonghwa Market
    -Price: 7,000 +

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