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A Brand New Waterpark in Korea: Duryu Water Park

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Fun in the Sun: Daegu heat vs Duryu Water Park

Daegu is well known for its soaring temperatures in summer, so the people of Daegu have come up with a creative solution. Open up a brand new water park!

This weekend, I decided to tackle the heat head on. How? You may ask. Well (as you may have guessed), I decided to head to Duryu Water Park. Ticket for admission would usually cost 20,000 KRW for adults and 10,000 KRW for children.

Upon entering you get a wrist band which then allows you access into your own personal locker.

Daegu has many attractions, such as the mountains for hiking, the amusement park and a great sports stadium. However, I was surprised by how well everything was managed given the size of the water park. I had expected it to be heaving with people, but it was not. This is great, as with anything of this nature. Being over crowded isn’t that much fun. Either way, it’s an impressive feat. I got to witness the grand opening by Daegu City Officials.

Moving on, there are two areas that contain water parks. A kids zone and an adult zone. The kids zone is filled with small slides and the water level is not that deep. In fact it is very fun, since most of the kids there were running around and laughing so loud, that it took me back to my younger days.

That aside, I decided to go to visit the adult section of the water park. As I was walking, and in between the kids and adult section there are two water slides.

The height of these water slides, are massive. It’s no joke. I decided to go cop out some of the action and relive some of my youth. As I went up for my third ride, I hurt my left elbow and it was bleeding. Slightly concerned, I headed over to the medical section of the park. I was greeted by two nurses, and they ensured by left elbow was fully functioning.

After this, I finally got to the adult section of the water park, and long and behold, a massive wave machine occupied the territory. At the end of this was a section with sand and umbrellas propped up (almost as if, you are on the beach).  The adult section of the water park is decent. You just remain stationary and wait for the wave machine to do all the work (I think the kids section seemed fun).  The kids section of the water park as has an overly aggressive pirate ship that sprays and fires water in multiple directions. That aside there is a river rapids type of concept, too.

On site my daughter was able to get a tattoo on her face for free, and also the life jackets we received were for free. Well, actually they are included in the ticket price.

I would really recommend residents of Daegu to come check out this amazing water park. Not only do you get great value but you can enjoy also joy the convenience of having it close to central Daegu. With that said, at around 2pm I decided that was enough. After spending almost 6 hours at the waterpark, I can tell you I was pretty much ready to lay down for some time.

Durya Water Park, offers the convenience being next to an amusement park and subway station. You have the added value of using this water park as a means to actually detox yourself and break away from your everyday city stresses in a secluded and joyful environment.

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

The Grand Opening of Duryu Water Park

On Saturday July 8th, Daegu’s Duryu Water Park Grand Opening took place.  It was a rainy overcast morning.  Mayor Kwon was on hand to give opening remarks and take part in the ceremony.

After the Opening ceremony was finished, Min Hee wanted to look her best while checking out the water park.  Because this was the Grand Opening, there were free face stickers for those who wanted to add a little extra touch.

A water park is no fun unless it has a giant wave pool.  Duryu Water Park has a very large wave pool. Several times a day there are also water board shows.  The water boards are powered but blasting water downward from the boards and the rider is lifted up above the water.  As seen in the cover photo.

Another fun thing to do again and again is the circular tube course.  Cross over the bridge to grab a tube.  Follow the lifeguard’s directions and slip into the water for a relaxing trip in the cool water.  There are lifeguard stations every few meters.  Min Hee always stayed close to her dad, except when she wanted to see who was faster.

It really was a lot of fun and it was really very comforting to see the number of lifeguards on hand. They were quick to give a toot of their whistles if there were any unsafe acts.  At one point Min Hee’s swim cap came off.  One of the lifeguards asked another swimmer to pass it to her and the lifeguard stepped over and handed it back to us.

On a side note, Mani, another reporter was also at the park to report on the event and we bumped into him and his family several times during the day.  We had a great time and I want to say we are very thankful of the opportunity to be Citizen Reporters for Colorful Daegu.

Sadly, one thing that we didn’t get to experience was the big waterslide.  Minimum height requirements are 130 cm.  Min Hee could not go so her dad did not go.  The whole operation was done very safely and the lifeguards on duty were very professional.

Here are the steps to follow upon arrival. Go to the ticket booth Adult weekday is 15,000KRW and weekends are 20,000KRW.  Children are 10,000KRW on weekend and 7,000KRW on a weekday.
After tickets are purchased, there is a bag check.  You may bring your own picnic mats and snacks.  No alcohol or glass is allowed in the park.

The tickets are actually bar coded.  Cash may not be used in the park.  So, if you need to make any purchases you will need to “charge” the bracelet.  Any amount not used will be refunded upon departure. Move to the locker room to change.  Lockers are free.  After storing your goods the key is attached to a bracelet. Next, it is important to bring a swim cap or a baseball cap.  You may not enter the water without your head covered.

Also, there is limited parking near the park. There are two shuttle courses.
Course one: Daemyeong Subway Station exit 4 - Seobu Intersection - Duryu Swimming Pool bus stop - Duryu Park Intersection - Anjirang Subway Station.
Course two: Duryu Subway Station exit 14 - Duryu Baseball Stadium, Duryu Park intersection - Duryu Swimming Pool Bike rental - Duryu Cultural and Arts Center - Duryu Intersection at E World.

The shuttles start at 940 in the morning and run every 10 minutes on weekends. They run every 20 minutes on weekdays.

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