Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Complete Guide to 2017 Chimac Festival: 6 Reasons to Visit

▶A Complete Guide to 2017 Chimac Festival◀
6 Reasons to Visit

Yes, it's the Chimac Festival 2017! One of the biggest Korean festivals of the year began yesterday and it continues until Sunday, July 23. This complete guide will help you find where to go and what to do! If you are still deciding whether to come, you will discover reasons by the end of this post! Let's get started! 

#1 Chicken and Beer. Duh. 

The number one reason is..because there are chickens and beers! Let's kick off the summer with freezing cold beers and juicy chickens! Yummmm 

#2 Live TV and More Actions

This year Chimac Festival goes on Live on facebook! Who watched last night's Lives? "Chipera" Live TV spans a simple talk show, interviews to broadcasting live performance! It's fun to catch them on the spot and be on the show or simply watch them at home!


If you are lucky, you might bump into your favorite celebrities who are enjoying the festival just like you do! On the first day, we spotted Jung Joon-Young, Mamamoo, and Jo Se-Ho! Woop woop!

#3 Full of Fun Events

A good festival has lots of things happening on the spot! Win a free goods by participating in a fun event like hitting over a beer can with a squirt gun @ Cass Truck! Also, many contests and performance take place @ Premier Zone, Live Pub and  Chimac Picnic Hill. (These locations are normally called the baseball stadium, 2.28 Parking Lot, and Kolon Outdoor Music Hall respectively when it's not in festival)

In addition, there are beautiful fireworks to watch!  

#4 Clean and Safe

For a festival with this scale, you could imagine it will be not so clean and not safe enough for your kids. Take a look at all these people who are here to help you have the best festival experience ever! Chimac Staff and guards, local police officers and fire fighters and even volunteers are there to keep Duryu Park clean and safe!  

#5 Most Instagrammable Festival 

Pictures are essential at a festival! We want to encapsulate good memories in photos! Even more, we need some epic pictures to post on instagram, facebook, blog or whatever social media you use! With delightful dolls, fireworks and beautiful lights, there are millions way to visually record a moment.

#6 Simply to Have a Great Time  

Summer, festival and friends. It's guaranteed that you will have a great time! Enjoy K-pop concerts @ Premium Zone. If you don't like crowd, you can climb a stairs and have a little picnic overlooking the Premium Zone. (I can tell you it's quite a view!)  If you prefer more open space, go to Chimac Picninc Hill to spend the evening on lawn. Of course, music is at both places. 

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