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A Family-friendly Weekend in Daegu: Gosangol

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

A Family-friendly Weekend in Daegu: Gosangol

If you are looking for a nice family out in Daegu, Gosangol is a great place to check. You can enjoy hiking with your family and children love its dinosaur park. Gosangol is located near Apsan Park.   

Day1: Dinosaurs at Gosangol

We found a great surprise the other day at Gosan Gol Park.  They have redesigned the Apsan Gosangol Dinosaur Park.  The new layout is super nice. Min Hee could not slow down.  She checked on all of the new additions.  Then she quickly called out:
“Daddy, look at this!”
“Daddy, look at that!
“Mommy, sit here and take a break!”

Seen from the parking lot is the biggest of the big dinosaurs.  Do you know what type it is?  You will need to visit the park to find out.  It is a sight to be seen in person.  The size is amazing.  It grunts or calls and it moves a bit.

Here is another member of the park staff.  Do you know what dinosaur this is?  All of the displays have basic info on each dinosaur.  There are also volunteers that can answer lots of questions and show you the facilities when you visit between 10 in the morning and 430 in the afternoon.

Maybe you can see some baby dinosaurs coming out of an egg.  This little one was talking and singing to the baby in its shell.  The grandparents were quite amused.  Min Hee whispered to me:
“Daddy, it isn’t real.  But she is happy!”

There is a sand pit and tools for the little ones and the big ones to have a go at finding a little history on site.  Of course they are not real bones.  But, everyone seemed to be having a good time.  Min Hee was racing of to see something else!

When the parents need a break there are several benches and areas to sit and take a break while the kids have their fun.  All in all, we were very happy to see the upgrades and additions to the park.  We really wanted to visit after we saw the floats in the Colorful Festival Parade.  We were glad to visit.

They have added several covered areas for picnics or naps.  There are restaurants and small markets nearby for snacks and drinks.  Also, public parking is available.  The cost is 2,000 per day!

■ Inquiry
    - 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese etc) 
    - Apsan Gosangol Park: +82-53-664-2863

■ Address : 43, Yongdu 2-gil, Nam-gu, Daegu

Day2: A Hike to a Great View of the City

To get that view Min Hee, her mom and I hiked about 2 hours to a height of 400 meters.  We had hiked the previous day and we wanted to get to a nicer view.  This was not an easy hike.  To prepare for this we had dried snacks and power bars. I always brings a soft cooler stocked with cool water and ice bags as well as lunch.  Today we were planning cup ramen.  But since it was a longer hike than the day before, we decided not to carry insulated bottles with hot water.  We went with kimbap instead.

On this trail, we can see short stone pyramids. People place stones on these hoping for good luck. Please, be respectful of the burial mounds also in the park. At one point there is a five meter climb that needs the use of ropes.  Min Hee’s dad climbed first to make sure it was safe and the ropes were secure. Almost to the top and Min Hee got excited to hear she would be able to see the duck boats on Suseong lake from where we were.

Wow, what a view of the city!  The day was a little steamy, but the air was fresh and we could barely hear the sounds of the city.
“Daddy, can I take a picture of you?”
“Sure, Baby Girl, I would like that.”
Along the way we have to take short breaks to drink water and cool down!
“Daddy, where is the hammock?”
“It is in my backpack.”
“Can I hang it up?”
“Please let daddy do it.  We have to hang it higher than you can reach.”

Once we figure out where to stop for lunch and naps, the next step is finding a place we can hang up the hammock.  When we made the decision to buy one we made sure it was able to accommodate at least 1.5 people.  We have lots of “daddy daughter adventures” and we need comfortable places to take naps.

After all that hiking, little hikers need to restore their energy. Kimbap and juice seems to be the answer! Cheese or tuna kimbap always add a little something extra!

After lunch we just relaxed in the afternoon and got some rest.  After we were rested and packed up, we headed down the mountain on a slightly different course and then we headed home.

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