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An Interesting Twist to Instant Noodles Even a King Would Like.

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An Interesting Twist to Instant Noodles Even a King Would Like

To get started we needed to choose what kind of instant noodles.  We have our preferences, but there are dozens and dozens to choose from.  For today we decided mommy and daddy would be having spicy noodles and Min Hee would have a white broth noodle.  I call the dish, Wang Ramen or King Ramen. I came up with the recipe many years ago.  It came from me getting ready for lunch and looking around for what to make. I had a little of many things, just not enough to make a meal.  I remembered my days in the army and came up with spicy noodles, a few dumplings, sausage, hot dog, kimchi, assorted spices and some sliced spicy peppers.

I start by cleaning out the refrigerator and putting the things I will add on the counter and get them ready to add.  I add some water to the pots and add the broth pouches.  I do this so there is more flavor in the meats and dumplings.

So for today’s dishes here are the ingredients:
· Two sorts of sausage, one has cheese inside the meat
· Simple dumplings with meat and vegetables
· Small rice cakes
· An egg for each dish
· Crab cakes
· Some sliced onions
· One white broth ramen and,
· One spicy ramen

No matter the size of the rice cakes, I slice them small so they can absorb the broth and any spices we add.

At the same time I have added the broth to the pots and get them simmering.
As I will be adding several things to boiling water, I use a ladle to keep from splashing hot soup on me, the counter or the little helper who was taking photos while I got my hands dirty. We try to show Min Hee how to do things safely.

When the noodle are about half done, it is time to add the eggs. After trying this process a few times I learned to add the eggs last.  I will say, some of you may like the eggs a little firmer.  I prefer the eggs to be a little softer.  I mix the food with chopsticks and watch for the consistency I personally like. 

At last it is time to try some of this wonderful dish.  Min Hee had a rather large bowl of white broth soup.  I actually had to help out!  We were stuffed after our meal. Finally it was time for clean up.  Guess who got to wash the dishes???

So with the recipe I have found, there are loads of options in how or what to add to the Ramen Made for a King (or Queen!).  Have fun and if you find something cool to add or a step to add, please add it in the comments.  Enjoy!

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