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Chobok: Samgeytang or Bossam? Learn to make Korean Bossam today!

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Korean Recipe I learned: Bossam

Bossam () is a Korean dish made from boiled pork belly that is sliced and then served wrapped with cabbage or kimchi. This description sounds rather bland but in fact bossam is very delightful dish. Don’t believe me? It’s simple to prepare so just give it a try and see!

Here’s a list of all the ingredients that we’re going to use to make the main dish. Bossam is usually served with kimchi and cabbage and other side dishes. You will find out what I chose at the end of this recipe. 

- Garlic (about 10-12 cloves is fine)
- Ginger (One small piece, peeled. My piece broke into 3 smaller pieces when I peeled it)
- Onion (one big onion cut into quarters is good)
- Doenjang (
된장 is the Korean soybean paste famous for it’s pungent aroma. It’s available at any supermarket.)
- Bay leaves (2 or 3 is fine)
- Instant coffee (secret ingredient use the kind with no sugar or cream, like Kanu original.)
- Raw Pork Belly ( You can get this at any big supermarket already packaged in the meat section, otherwise hit up your local butcher just say “bossam” and he’ll help you out.)

Bossam is super easy to prepare. Just put all of the ingredients except the meat in the pot and stir it up. Once it comes to boil then add the meat.

Don’t forget the secret ingredient! Coffee is added to cover the distinctive pork smell as well as add some color. Don’t worry the meat will not taste of coffee due to the large amount of water.

Once it’s all in the pot just cover it and let it boil for 60-90 minutes. Too easy!

After the bossam is finished (it should be soft enough for you to push a chopstick through it), use some tongs and place it on the cutting board.

Proceed to cut the bossam into thin slices. Be careful, it’s very hot! Once you are done place the sliced bossam on your serving dish.

Bossam is best served with cabbage, kimchi, garlic, and gochu (Korean hot peppers). Also don’t forget the soju, or makgeolli!

I also make this great dipping sauce for it as well, just place the following together and mix it all up.
- 1 part minced onion
- 1 part minced garlic
- 1 part sesame seeds
- 1 part sesame seed oil
- 2 parts doenjang

Try this sauce with anything really, it’s great! I hope that the next time you want to try cooking an inexpensive meal at home, remember to try bossam!

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