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DIY Korean Food: Gyeran Jjim or Steamed Eggs

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

DIY Korean Food: Gyeran Jjim or Steamed Eggs 

1. First you need some eggs. Small eggs, medium, or large, It doesn’t really make any difference.  The only difference may be if you prefer a special brand. 
Min Hee never really noticed there were so many options to choose from.  We chose some eggs and some other things and headed off to our favorite restaurant to prepare the dish.

2. A kind lady at the restaurant agreed to help Min Hee cook gyeran jjim. You need to crack 3 eggs into a bowl. Min Hee likes to crack hard boiled eggs on her dad’s head.  Nope, not this time.  In the bowl they went. There is a secret way they produce a very wonderful looking dish here at this place. Keep reading until the end! 

3. The recipe consists of half water and half egg.  The ladies here have already measured it out 3 eggs equals about 150ml of waterThis needs to be mixed well.

4. Cook on high heat for about two minutes. Generally the mixture is cooked until it is firming up on the sides and bottom. Then it is stirred some to break it up from the sides of the bowl.  The reason is to keep it cooking uniformly. Otherwise it will cook too hard on the bottom and the top will be mushy.

5. After a few minutes lower the heat and it should begin to rise.

There is a secret technique to make the eggs fluffier and rise up out of the bowl. This makes the dish tastier and actually like big steamy volcano.  Be careful!  Steam burns are no fun.

After all the work involved Min Hee was eagerly waiting to see how it tasted!

If the secret technique is not done the eggs will mostly stay flat in the bowl.  The eggs are firmer and less fluffy, but are just fine.

Min Hee enjoys her eggs mixed with rice and a small piece of meat or some other side dishes.  Her mom asked how the eggs tasted:
“How does it taste?”
“Yummy!  They taste better than before because I made them!”
“Daddy, try some of my eggs!”

The secret step, which we learned today, was this little pot is placed on the top of the bowl.  The heat causes a vacuum that pulls the eggs up and helps fluff them up.  Again, be careful.  The process creates a lot of internal steam and the dish when ordered at a restaurant is usually brought right from the kitchen and is very steamy.  The bowl is very hot as well.  You can try this at home or order it at many different places to compliment your meal.  Enjoy! 

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