Friday, July 14, 2017

Invitation to a Blast Live Concerts at Daegu Chimac Festivals: A Complete list of Line-up

Blast Live Concerts @ Daegu Chimac Festival 2017
: A Complete list of Line-up

Among many highlights at Chimac Festival are blasting concerts by MAMA MOO, Ulala Session, Haha & Skull and so many more! From July 19 to 23, there is a concert by a k-pop star everyday. Let's dance the night away!

- July 19 MAMAMOMO
- July 20 Ulala Session
- July 21 Skull & Haha
- July 22 ZIZO
- July 23 Bewhy, SUPERBEE, myunDo 
- July 24 San E, Kisum 

 Courtesy: Daegu Chimac Festival

How to get there

 Courtesy: Daegu Chimac Festival

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  1. I love a good food festival, I'm gutted that I probably won't be able to makeup my festival at this moment..festivals in cyprus