Friday, July 21, 2017

Welcome to Global Zone @ Chimac Festival 2017 -Enjoy free wi-fi and international chicken treats!

Welcome to Global Zone @ Chimac Festival 2017 
Enjoy free wi-fi, international chicken treats, horror facepainting and more! 

Global Zone at 16:00

Are you guys enjoying the Chimac Festival 2017? Today, I am bringing you a glimpse at Global Zone! It is located at 2.28 Parking Lot. When you walk to Duryu Park and follow the main road, you will first notice "Live Pub."  Keep walking along the road and you will get here! 

Ta-da, my personal favorite thing here is TSC truck! You can enjoy free wi-fi arount it. (and It just looks so cute!)

Inside you can find VR headsets, you can try it for free. At upper right corner in the picture, you can see that there is a charging station as well! You can charge your phone for free! They even have an iPhone charger! woop woop(Who else is iPhone user?) 

There is also Korea Tour trifolds you can take with you! A guide staying in the truck can help you with your questions as well. 

Volunteers at Golbal Zone.

Chimac Global Zone is a very chilled vibe! There are kids drawing on a chalkboard and people getting horror facepainting:-) Volunteers sell little souvenirs at a booth. 

Isn't this adorable? Guess what this is! It's not edible. If you want to know what this is, keep reading until the end! 

This zone is fun throughout the night! Participate or simply watch events and performance

Try good food that you can't readily find else! I am going to try Venezuelan food tonight and check one on my bucket list crossed X) (Are you scrolling down to find the answer? That chicken looking goodie is actually a soap! How adorable haha) 

Hang out with cool Korean ghost, too! Come out to Chimac Festival this weekend! If you can't join us at Duryu Park, follow us at  

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