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When it rains, it’s Pajeon time! *Pajeon Recipe Included

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Korean recipe I learned:
Korean Seafood Pancake (Seafood Pajeon 해물 파전) 

Raindrops keep falling in my head but that doesn’t mean that my eyes will soon be turning red...Lalalalala…

Summer is just around the corner which means rainy days ahead. During this time, Koreans eat a particular dish named Pajeon (파전). This is so popular because the sizzling sound of this dish being cooked mimics the sound of the pitter-patter-ing rain. Sounds interesting! There are many varieties of Pajeon (파전) but I choose to make seafood (해물) because the smell of seafood reminds me of my home country, the Philippines. I get to enjoy the smell and taste of the island life through this Korean dish. To make this dish, prepare the following ingredients: Korean Pancake Mix (부침가루), scallions, shrimp, squids, red and green chili, onions, carrots, eggs, water and oil. 

1. To make the batter, sift the Korean Pancake Mix (부침가루), add water and whisk well to a desired texture, not too thick, not too thin but just enough to hold the vegetables and seafood together.

2. Next, wash, clean, and chop the seafood, shrimps and squid into strips.

3. Also, wash, clean, and chop the vegetables, the scallions into three parts. In the case of the onions and carrots, chop these into strips and finally, thinly slice the red and green chili. 

4. Then, put all the vegetables in the Korean Pancake Mix (부침가루) batter and mix. 

5. Heat the pan with oil. Put the mixed vegetables, preferably by hand for good presentation. 

6. Top with the shrimp and squid. 

7. Wait for it to sizzle before adding an egg to the mixture. Once the mixture is cooked, turn to the other side.

 8. Once it is fully fried, put it on a plate with a paper towel to drain excess oil. 

9. Serve hot with a sauce made of 3 tablespoons soy sauce (감장)  and 1 tablespoon vinegar, chopped onion and green and red chili. Pair with cold Makgeolli (막걸리) or Dongdongju (동동주). 

Lastly, enjoy the cold rainy days ahead with this warm Korean dish and a good company of friends!

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