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2017 Daegu Arirang Festival @Ayang Art Center

2017 Daegu Arirang Festival
Enjoy Korean Folk Song enlisted on UNESCO's Heritage  

Courtesy: Daegu Citizen Press, Sang Tae Kim
A modern variation of Arirang combined with percussions creates an rejuvenating version.

2017 Daegu Arirang Festival took place at Ayang Art Center on Korean National Liberation Day(광복절). If you have tried to learn Korean culture, you would recognize this famous Korean folk song. It conveys Korean people’ sentiment profoundly like no other traditional songs can. If you haven’t heard its signature melody that goes “Arirang~ Arirang~ Arariyo~”, you need to go on Youtube right now! (Click here for the video list!

An Important Intangible Cultural Heritage of Korea, Hoyeon Lee
Daegu Arirang Performance

Arirang has been listed for its cultural values on Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity program by UNESCO. As an effort to promote and preserve the song, many regional Arirang Festivals hold each year. 

A creative Arirang performance

Gwangbokgun(Independence army) Arirang performance

At 15th Daegu’s Arirang Festival, Arirang from different regions Daegu Arirang, Yeongcheon Arirang, Dokribgun Arirang, Seongju Arirang, Jeongseon Arirang, Gyeongsando Arirang, Gyeonggi Arirang were performed by national talents as a contest. 
So, if you are looking for a cultural festival, this is a must for the next year!

Contest winner

Jeju Arirang performance
Gyeongsando Arirang performance

A contemporary version of Daegu Arirang was created based on a traditional one recorded in 1939. Arirang's melody and lyrics are excellent at conveying Korean people's persistence and determination to survive through Japanese oppression in the past. Contemporary variations go beyond the hopeful sadness to relieved collective struggles of today. Finale was all performers singing contemporary version of Daegu Arirang with national flags in their hands. 
Yeongcheon Arirang
Jeongsun Arirang performance

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