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Affordable Flights to Cebu and Taipei from Daegu International Airport(Korea)

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Two Great Getaways from Daegu International Airport

Taking a vacation is as easy as 1-2-3 when you fly out of Daegu International Airport! Whether you’re longing for lazy days on the beach or craving a fun-filled night on the town, follow these three easy steps to book the vacation of your dreams. 
Undecided on where to go next? Here are two ideas for great getaways from Daegu that you’re sure to love!


Location: Central Visayas, Philippines
Flight time from Daegu: approximately 4 hours
If you like: white sand beaches, historic architecture, Spanish culture, fusion cuisine, tropical vibes, world-class diving and snorkeling, pristine nature, and amazing turquoise waterfalls.
Nearby attractions: Cebu is the gateway to exploring nearby islands like Bohol, home to the endangered Philippine tarsier. Bohol, as well as many other islands, can be reached by ferry from Cebu.

Local specialties
lechón (roasted suckling pig), dried mangos, otap (puff pastry), Cebu sausage, and fresh seafood.
Known as the “Queen City of the South,” Cebu has a unique multicultural background that feels both Asian and European. Immerse yourself in Cebu’s heritage by visiting historic landmarks such as Magellan’s Cross, and trying some of the local fusion cuisines.  You can spend weeks exploring all the islands around Cebu or simply enjoy all the main island has to offer. A short drive to the Western Coast will take you to some of the world’s best diving and snorkeling spots, including the famed sardine run in Moalboal. If you’re not yet open water certified, Cebu is the perfect place to learn how to dive. Looking for a tropical island paradise? Cebu is your place.


Location: Taiwan
Flight time from Daegu: approximately 2.5 hours
If you like: night markets, city life, amazing food scene, temples, Japanese influence, natural hot springs, historic tea houses, temples, cable car rides, and sweeping skyscraper observatory views.
Nearby attractions: Taipei is the perfect home base from which to explore Taiwan. Taroko National Park, Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen, and Beitou Hot Springs are all just a few hours away via public transportation. 

Local specialties: pineapple cakes, bubble tea, soup dumplings, shaved ice, beef noodles, sweet breakfast soy milk, fried crullers, and Danzai noodles.
Overshadowed by cities such as Hong Kong and Tokyo, Taipei is probably not the first place foreigners think of to travel. However, for those in the know, Taipei is an amazing location rich with vibrant city life and a food culture like no other. Jump on a subway or a rapid train and in just a few hours you can be hiking in the marble mountains of Taroko National Park or weaving your way through the old, lantern-lined alleys of Jiufen.  There’s so much to see – and eat – in Taiwan, and Taipei is the perfect place to begin your explorations.

Cebu and Taipei are just two of many amazing vacation spots that you can fly to directly from Daegu. For even more awesome places to explore, check out all the international and domestic flights that depart from Daegu Airport here.
One of the benefits to flying out of Daegu Airport is that the flights are not only direct but are also very affordable as well.  Oftentimes, one of the best ways to score good deals on flights is to book directly through the airline’s online website. Alternately, you can use a website like Skyscanner to conduct a search. T’way, Air Busan, and Jeju Air are a few of the budget airlines with direct flights from Daegu International Airport.

Because Daegu’s airport is located so close to the city’s center, it’s quick and easy to get there by either taxi or public transportation. To reach the airport by bus, hop on the Express 1, 101, 101-1, 401, 719, Donggu 2, or Palgong 1. If arriving by subway, take Subway Line 1 to Ayanggyo Station and then transfer to the Express 1 or Palgong 1. The bus stop is located right in front of the airport, and only takes about five minutes to walk to the main terminal.

Once you arrive at the airport, you’re set to go! Check into your flight on the bottom level, make your way upstairs to the departure hall, and enjoy your vacation!
If you are looking to take a trip to an exotic location, then look no further than Daegu International Airport. Quick, easy, affordable, convenient, and with so many direct flights to exciting locations, where will you fly next?

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