Thursday, August 31, 2017

Daegu Vicinity Tour Stamp Trail / Andong Hahoe Folk Village, a UNESCO World Heritage in Korea

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

A Trip to Andong and Hahoe Village
Stop number 51 on the Daegu & Daegu Vicinity Tour Stamp Trail

So, some friends got together with our Stamp Tour Trail books in our bags and began an adventure for the day. We headed off to Hahoe Village in Andong.  This is a beautiful village that has remained the same style as it was when originally began being built 600 years ago.  Many of the original buildings were built in the late 1500’s

To get there we took a very comfortable limousine bus from the new bus terminal at the Shinsaegae Building in Dong Daegu.  The Ride was supposed to take an hour and 20 to 40 minutes.  We arrived in under an hour. We arrived at Andong bus terminal and went outside to the shuttle bus stop and waited for our bus.  Again scheduled travel time was almost half of what was on the schedule.  We met a very nice group of people from many different countries.

Once we arrived it was lunch time and we picked out a restaurant. We noticed almost all places had English menus and pictures, so it would be quite easy if your Korean is not so good.  There were also souvenir shops in the area.  We went for an Andong specialty, chicken stew and grilled mackerel. We were not disappointed.  In our group there were three children and six adults.  We were very satisfied!

Then we got our tickets to the actual Hahoe village.  At 3,000 won and a three minute bus ride we were happy to get going.  The important thing to remember is that this historic village is a living and working village.  Residents occupy their ancestor’s actual homes.  So, please be aware of privacy issues when taking photos while wandering through the village. The photo above is of a modern day address marker affixed to an old building.

Some of the buildings are not occupied.  They are still very much a part of the whole scene.

Scattered around the village are hands-on activities that visitors can try out.  Here were grinding stones used to grind grains into flour.  Not as easy as the grandmas made it look!

I always find it very interesting to see modern things mixed in with the historical surroundings.  Keep an eye out for motorists as the village has very narrow roads and alleys.

Also, in the village there are shops to buy foods and drinks based on historical recipes or craftsmanship handed down. Ther were several souvenir shops as well.  Who is this guy?

Here is the modern and historical mix again. This day was a national holiday and the residents were showing their pride and patriotism.

There are also local farmers working the fields.  They appear to be using modern ways to farm, but, these fields have been used for hundreds of years.

Some of the older residents also wear traditional clothes and show how tasks were done in the past.  These ladies sounded like machines going at a task. 

Here is a brief description of the Daegu & Daegu Vicinity Tour Stamp Trail. The 2017 program runs from March until October.  This year there are 64 different destinations. The vast majority are in or very near Daegu.  Foreigners who want to have a go at it need to visit a tourist information booth and pay 1,000KRW for the book.  Foreigners are only required to get 10 stamps.  Koreans need to get 30 stamps.  Because my wife and daughter have never been to Hahoe Village, we decided to join some friends and check it out.  It was very nice to see the traditional buildings and that the village was an actual site that people still live in.

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