Friday, August 25, 2017

Free Bike Rental in Daegu, Korea

Free Bike Rental in Daegu, Korea

The weather is finally cooling down. One of the best ways to enjoy autumn is going outside! If you are up for biking along Geumho River or Shincheon but doesn’t own a bike, you might be happy to find that DTRO(Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation) offers a free bike rental service!

Q. What’s the process like?
1. Go to a station near you and find an officer.
2. The officer will give you an English registration form to fill out.
3. Rent a bike
4. Return the bike
For the list of stations that offer free bike rental, scroll to the bottom.

Q. What do I need?
You need your ID (foreign registration card)
Some stations like Daesil Station where rental is so often, they skip the registration process and rent you one if you have your ID. However, most stations requires you to register.

Q. Do I need to register each time I rent?
No. After you register, you can rent with your ID.

Q. What time can I rent and do I have to return?
Rent between 06:00 to 18:00
Return by 20:00 of the day at the station where you rent

Q. Is there anything else I need to know?
If you are intoxicated or it snows or rains heavily, rental is not possible.
Also, if you are going to bring your bike to train, you are allowed only on weekends and holidays. (foldable bike and bike with wheel whose diameter shorter than 50.8cm are always allowed)

Q. I want to know great places to go biking!
I'd recommend biking along Geumho River(click to see review), Hajungdo(click here to view) and Ganjeongbo area(click here to view). All of them are famous for bike trails. Especially, Hajungdo has cosmos flower field opening this weekend, it will offer you an extra sight to enjoy! 

List of stations that offer bike rental
39 stations have 865 bikes available for rental.
Daegok Station
Jincheon Station
Wolbae Station
Wolchon Station
Seongdangmot Station
Hyunchungro Station
Yeongnam Uni. Hospital Station
Myeongdeok Station
Chilseong Station
Sincheon Station
Dongdaegu Station
Dong-gu Office Station
Ayahggyo Station
Dongchon Station
Haean Station
Yulha Station
Singi Station
Banyawol Station
Gaksan Station
Keungogae Station
Dongchon Station
Yulha Station
Banyawol Station

Munyang Station
Daesil Station
Gangchang Station
Keimyung Univ. Station
Seongseo Industrial Complex Station
Igok Station
Yongsan Station
Gamsam Station
Duryu Station
Banwoldang Station
Keyung-dae Hosp. Station Station
Beomeo Station
Manchon Station
Daegu Grand Park Station
Gosan Station
Sinmae Station
Sawol Station
Jeongpyeong Station
Imdang Station
Yeungnam University Station

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