Monday, September 4, 2017

A Perfect Time to Visit Dongchon: Happy Village, Dongchon Resort, Ayang Art Center

A Perfect Time to Visit Dongchon: Happy Village, Dongchon Resort, Ayang Art Center

Fall has officially returned! It is a perfect time to stroll along the river. “Dongchon” is an area where it is best known for its Dongchon Resort. Near the resort located is Ayang Art center. Across the Geumho river is Ongi Jongi Happy Village, small mural village around closed railway station. If you are looking for a nice hang-out place in fall, make a visit in Dongchon.

Ongi Jongi Happy Village

There used be a "Daegu Railway Line" passing through this town. As you can see, the old station has newly painted but still preserves the nostalgic look. This 29km-long line closed in May, 2008 and has been transformed into a walking trails. The surrounding village has also changed into a mural village with lovely paintings. People still reside in houses so make sure you keep that in mind! 

■ Location: Near Dongchon Sation(Line1)
■ Address: 932-15, Ipseok-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
■ KR Address:  대구시 동구 입석동 932-15 

Dongchon Resort

If you like chatting with your friends looking over a beautiful night river, you will love this place. The Sunrise Bridge, buildings along the river and duck pedal boats all light up after sunset, making a beautiful reflection on water. If you are up for more activity, go for a pedal boat! The resort also has swan boats which are electronically  driven. You can differentiate the two by the shining crown that swan boats have but duck one don't.

Dongchon Resort is famous for its Food Town. A number of people visit this area for food. Daegu people often come here for "Hoisik 회식", group dinner with co-workers. You will be able to see people taking a walk after lunch or dinner. Also, there are a plenty of people taking out a picnic mat and order delivery food. 

■ Location: Near Dongchon Sation(Line1)
■ Address: 73, Hyodong-ro 6-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
■ KR Address:  대구시 동구 효동로 6 73

Ayang Art Center

You've probably heard of this place when you were checking out for DIMF. Not only that, Ayayng Art Center hosts a number of quality musicals throughout a year. It is a place for performance, exhibitions, cultural classes and sports center.  

■ Location: Near Dongchon Sation(Line1)
■ Address: 24, Hyodong-ro 2-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
■ KR Address: 대구 동구 효동로2 24
■ Website:

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