Monday, September 11, 2017

Animal Café in Korea: Donseongro Cat Café

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

You See Them Cats? 
Cat Cafe in Donseongro, Daegu

Daegu is known for its heat, humidity and its innovative nature. Nothing says innovation more than having a cat café available in the middle of downtown. It is on the street opposite Daegu Department store. Thus, this weekend I decided to hit a cat café. I was made aware of this café when handed a pamphlet during the LGBT festival.

With that said, I decided to meet my friend at this café. I took my young daughter along too. Since for her, it would have a huge impact. When I got there, I was also left with some amazement seeing the cats roaming around freely, confident and happily meeting new people. Since cats are notoriously known for their secretive and private mannerisms.

Upon entering the cafe, you pay a standard entry fee that includes one drink. Adults 8,000 KRW and kids (like my daughter) should pay 5,000 KRW. After you pay this, you may select a drink from the menu. That’s it.

You grab a seat, sit down, talk, and wait for your drink. As you converse you will find the cats jumping towards your table and relaxing with you.

There are some café rules to adhere to: Rule 1, all personal belongings are advised to be put in a locker (since cats do have a tendency to scratch). Rule 2, do not pull or grab a cat towards you if they are clearly not interested. Rule 3, avoid touch the stomach area, feet and also the tail. Rule 4, never pick up a cat, since they can be quite sensitive. Rule 5, avoid making loud sounds, and conversations. As cats can be frightened with slight surprises. Rule 6, do not bring cat food from outside. Rule 7, the café have neck bands on a selected few cats and kittens, these particular cats need not be fed. Rule 8, have fun. J

There seem to be more than 10 cats living there. Each cat has profile displayed in café that describes their distinctive character and behavior. This helps visitors understand the cats and have more fun with them. The café also sells catty treats for you to give their cats the real VIP treatment. As the rule stated, outside food is not allowed in order to monitor and maintain their health.

All in all, I had a good time. The café is well maintained, just follow the rules, play with the cat and have fun!

Location: Jungangro Station(Line1)
Address: 2-1, Dongseong-ro 6-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

KR Address: 대구 중구 동성로 6 2-1

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