Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Daegu Global Culture Festival "e-Fun" 2017 : Daegu Game Festival

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Daegu Global Culture Festival "e-Fun" 2017 

Daegu, especially Dongseongro, is always alive with its people. What makes the area more special is one or two festivals that goes on over the weekend throughout the year! In autumn, Daegu Game Culture Festival called "e-Fun" takes places in downtown. 2017 e-fun took place under the slogan "Go! to Gamfrica" which obviously refers to "game" added with Daegu's lovely nick name "Daegufrica"

The festival started on last Friday and continued throughout the weekend. There were Game Experience Zone where you can try a variety type of games. 

What's more exciting is that e-Fun created an "Off-line RPG@the real world" which you can play a game in the real world. There were Mission Posts across the tourists spots in Daegu. As you clear a mission, you accumulate points. Later, the best scored players are selected as winners and get rewards. This game was actually released in 2005 and latest version is available on Google play store and Apple Store. Let's see who will be selected as winner this year! 

Courtesy: e-fun.or.kr

As you can imagine, there were a lot of performances went on during the festival. Artists like Super B. came out to e-fun to celebrate the festival together. Opening ceremony,  concerts and main events took place at the Outdoor Stage in front of Daegu Department Store. 

If you have missed Daegu Global Culture Festival 2017, stay tuned for the next year!

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