Monday, September 25, 2017

Dongseongro is Full of Festivity during Fall: Teen's Outreach Yard Festival and Yangryeongsi Cheongchun Nanjang Market

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Two Festivals in Downtown Daegu in two Weekends.

Festival 1: Teen’s Outreach Yard
Festival 2: Daegu Yangnyeongsi Cheongchun Nanjang

Downtown Daegu can be a such a vibrant place. I made a vast transition from a night owl to a day walker that continues to enjoy what Daegu has to offer (but during the day). With such a case, Teen’s Outreach Yard(대표청소년어울림마) was one such example.

Teen’s Outreach Yard offers many teenagers with the opportunity to connect to the local community. This festival acts as a platform for teenagers with certain talents and skills to be showcased which gives them valuable experiences with interacting with other members of the community. So I decided to take my daughter along. I wanted to show her something more unique. We were able to visit certain booths and part take in activities related to the arts and crafts.

Here we made a bookmark. I signed and dates on my daughters behalf. In addition she was able to place the flower in the center of the bookmark. We then moved onto another booth. Where I was design a mirror and with the help of my daughter we selected the color pink.

On the back of the mirror I wrote “Life is a mere reflection of your thoughts”. I found it quite fitting and ironic for it to be placed on a back of a mirror. We also were able to color some fish and my daughter enjoyed this very much.
She was having fun. We then moved forward toward the stage and enjoyed some live music.

Performances varied between singers, dancers and rappers. It was quite entertaining and I would have loved to have stayed long but we had to move on.

Thorughout the year, we can find similar such events related to Teen’s Outreach Yard. Which include Daegu Youth Summer Festival, Fall Picnic, Daegu Youth Hip-hop Festival and much more. These events happen at the 2.28 park. For the fall there are three main events and I personally got to enjoy the second event. Everybody is welcomed to come along for those events. 

If you know of any young people with talent (and can speak Korean) I would encourage you to allow them to participate in this festival. Not only will they learn to be better leaders in the community but also be a positive role model for others to follow. 

Festival #2 “Yangnyeongsi Cheongchun Nanjang Market” happened in 16th September 2017. The location of this festival was located close to Donga Department store (near Banwoldong Station).

A very simple set up, where business owners were able to show case their products and sell to the general public. We also had the opportunity for the team to showcase our wine too. Yangnyeongsi Cheongchun Nanjang Market will take place one more time this year.

As you can see I have had a busy month this September. This just goes to show what Daegu has to offer all its citizens, tourists and guests. I hope you get to experience Daegu in a positive light as I have personally done. Thank you.

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