Friday, September 29, 2017

Korea's Food Festival "Suseong Lake Festival 2017"

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Suseong Lake Festival 2017
The Biggest Food Festival in Daegu

This year I’ve been to a few festivals that took place in Daegu: Colorful Daegu festival 컬러풀대구페스티벌, Yangnyeongsi Cheongchun Nanjang Market 약령시청춘난장 and, last but not least,  Suseong Lake festival수성못페스티벌 last weekend. Festivals are really an interesting way to explore culture. They are chance to try local food, see great performances and meet nice people. Also, spectacular fireworks are something to look forward to.

Suseong Festival’s 2017 theme is “Days of Water and Nights of Fire.” Sounds very sentimental! Suseong Lake is the embodiment of water and the fireworks display at the end of each day, highlight the fire part.

The first stop is food. We enjoyed eating a lot of local food such as the mandu 만두, ddeokbokki 떡볶이, pajeon 파전. It looked like it wasn’t much but it was very filling for two people. Next, we also tried the squid sunda/오징어순대 because I really love seafood. It was delicious!

We rested a bit and watched some performances. To my surprise, I saw my own country’s traditional dance (Sayaw sa bangko at iba pa) because there guest dancers from the Philippines, what a small world! What are the chances?!
I had to take a picture with dancers because I tried this dance and wore this traditional dress when I was a little girl. This pleasant surprise had made the rest of night more joyful, I couldn’t help smiling throughout the night.

We continued to explore “street food” section of the festival where various kinds of Korean fusion hotdogs 핫도그 were served. How interesting! Along with a hotdog, I tried the silkworm pupae 번데기, too. It wasn’t that bad. Pretty interesting!

Finally, we saved the best for last, the fireworks displayed its beauty in the sky. We really had a good view. It’s so worth it to wait until the night time. It’s colorful! It’s spectacular! Indeed, it’s Colorful in Daegu!


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