Monday, September 25, 2017

Suseong Lake Festival for Kids: It's More Than Just a Food Festival (Daegu)

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Fun for All at the Suseong Lake Food Festival

Daegu has great festivals.  Many of the themes are family oriented and full of fun things to see and do. Min Hee is seven years old and like games as much other children her age.  Many of the game are easy to play but not always to win.

About the hardest game is a Korean gme with the numbers from 1 to 100 on a flat board.  The player is given a board piece to cover a section of the numbers on the board.  In this case the player is also given a second piece to cover a smaller section of numbers.  After covering some of the board numbers the player is given a container with folded papers. The player picks a piece of paper.  If the number on the paper is one of the numbers covered, a prize is given.  We tried on the first evening and had a little luck.  We visited the booth a second day and didn’t so well.  But, it is all fun, win or lose!

Scattered throughout the festival venue were games and fun activities for kids of all ages. There are magnetic darts to be tossed.  Min Hee won a cute water bottle and her dad won a pack of wet tissues.

At the slide a ring of ice game, Min Hee found it to be a bit hard to slide the ice to the target.  Min Hee’s mom hit the target and scored some cups for picnicking.

After a stop at the bounce house (free!) and making a friend or two we headed to the area of the festival near Suseong Lake. What we found was a lot of things to do.  With a theme of reusing recyclable things like newspaper and cardboard was a very popular idea.  There were hundreds of children playing in this area.

As a side note: Min Hee and her family came here last and while waiting for the hot air balloon line we met a mom and son in line behind us.  There we were, standing on the same patch of grass with the same mom and son!  That was very interesting.

We made two trips to the festival this year and enjoyed every bit of it.  Min Hee had a blast at all the games.  We saw lots of happy people enjoying the festival’s offerings and as the clock clicks closer to 1PM we are getting ready to head downtown and check another festival and see what we can find. Oh, thank you to all the event organizers who keep us busy and excited to live in COLORFUL DAEGU!

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