Friday, October 27, 2017

[Korea Fall Travel Week] Daegu’s Stamp Tour Missions

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Daegu’s Fall Travel Week Stamp Missions!
Fun for the family!

Recently, my family and I headed downtown to the Tourist Information Booth at Yangnyeonshi.  We grabbed our stamp brochures and also completed Mission two.  Mission two is first to download the Every Corner of Korea app for smart devices, then (using GPS) grabbing digital stamps from nearby tourist attractions.  This was easy because in Daegu, there are dozens of places right downtown.  I grabbed five locations nearby and was handed 5,000KRW in Onnuri Market Coupon Cash!

Every Corners of Korea app: It is only in Korean, 대한민국 구석구 just copy and paste this into the play store and download this free app. The attendant at the Herbal Medicine Tourist Information Booth was very helpful in showing us how to set up and use the app.
Next, we headed out to get a stamp from each of the themes for Mission one.

4 Themes
─ Delicious Daegu: Seomun Market, Dongin-dong Jjimgalbi St, Anjirang Gopchang Town, Pyeonghwa Market Chicken Gizzard St
─ Lovely Daegu: the Arc(or Samunjin Ferry)/ Palgongsan Mt. (Cable Car, Donghwasa Temple), Daegu Arboretum, Otgol Village
─ Fun Daegu: Kim Gwangseok St.(or Bangcheon Market)/ Mabijeong Mural Village/ E-world(or 83 Tower)/ Hillcrest(or Spa Valley)
─ Night Daegu: Daegu Old History St. / Apsan Observator / Ayang Railroad / Suseongmot Lake

Our stops included Seomun Market, Daegu Old History Street, Daegu Arboretum and Kim Gwangseok Road.

We were happy to see other families also in pursuit of stamps and having as much fun family time as possible.  We actually started out a little too late on Saturday and had to finish on Sunday.  With a little planning we could easily have done it in one afternoon.

On a side note, we were standing on a sidewalk looking over our map and making a plan on how to get the four stamps we needed.  We were approached by the “Lady in Red”.  Daegu has started a new program with translators just roaming through downtown to assist anyone in need of translation help.  This lady was polite and kind.  She asked if we needed any help.  She happened to be a Korean/Chinese translator.  But, her willingness to help people who looked like they need assistance speaks to the attitudes of the translators.  We actually saw her again on Sunday!  So, THANK YOU, Daegu, for this great program.

While we were grabbing stamps we had plenty of time to see other things around town, and it was definitely family time.  All in all we had a great time on the missions and met some nice people working hard to help others, from the ladies at the Herbal Medicine Tourist Information Booth to the roving translators to the lady at Old History Street Tourist Information Booth and last but not least our fellow mission goers. 

We ended up with the neck pillows, which are beautiful and useful and some lunch money!  Thank you to Colorful Daegu facebook page and Daegu Travel facebook page for keeping us up to date on events that are family friendly fun.

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