Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Where to take your friend in Daegu: a must-visit “The Arc”

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Where to take your friend who is visiting you in Daegu!
Ken’s arrival at The ARC

My friend who works in Singapore had a chance to explore Korea again after 5 years. He planned to rediscover the fascinating cities Seoul and Busan but he also took a side trip to Daegu. It was indeed a pleasant surprise to see The ARC. The view of the lush mountains, bountiful rivers, the magnanimous architecture and meaningful conversation over chicken and beer made the trip worthwhile.

Why did you take this (side)trip?
Ken:      I’ve always wanted to go back to Korea after staying in Seoul for 5 days, 5 years ago. I wanted to explore Busan this time but Daegu became interesting because a Singaporean youtuber featured The ARC so I had to see it for myself.
Cat:       I’ve been living in Daegu-Gyeongsan area for 3 years now and I’ve read and heard a lot of The ARC so I might as well see it too. It’s always a great adventure when you’re with good company.

Why made you interested in architecture?
Ken:      I like architecture because it’s functional art, like art with a purpose.
Cat:       I agree. When science and art meet, that’s the essence of architecture.

Why do you like The Arc in particular?
Ken:      It seems very futuristic. It highlights the ‘moving forward’ character of Koreans, more open, more open to the future.
Cat:       Knowing The ARC’s history (also known as Architecture of the River Culture or Artistry of the River Culture built by Hani Rashid to show the shape of the skipping stones across the river and/or jumping fish) made me appreciate the respect of Daegu citizens to nature, specifically, paying tribute to the 3 rivers such as the Nakdong, Geumho, and Gangjeonggoryeong.

Complete this sentence. For me, the ARC is…
Ken:      seamless.
Cat:       spectacular!

What is the highlight of the trip?
Ken:      Of course, the company, the picnic (chicken and beer and local snacks), watching people biking, walking, and just talking. Also, watching the changing colors of the ARC was fun too.
Cat:       True. The changing colors of the ARC is a metaphor to the changes in our lives: the blue hue in times of calm and peace, the red color during the tough and turbulent times, the purple one for the noble, heroic acts, and the green shade for the growing pains and pleasures. Truly, it’s colorful in the ARC in Daegu.

What would you tell to people back home (in the Philippines and in Singapore)?
Ken:      Explore Daegu aside from Seoul and Busan. Everything is very accessible here, very metropolitan, a one-stop-shop. The KTX from Seoul really eased my trip. Next time, I’ll explore more places here and include Daegu in the itinerary, not just a side trip. It’s short but sweet. Still, it’s fun. Indeed, it’s colorful in Daegu.
Cat:       Truly! Enjoy a colorful time in Daegu.

Not only the architecture is beautiful, inside the building has a couple of rooms and rooftop to explore. In the first room as people enter, there is a room for many interactive or/and digital art under “water” motif. In the next room was the famous “Greeting Men” and a entrance to the rooftop!

Let me end this short trip with a quote, “You are the opportunity you seek.” It was a great opportunity to witness the magnanimous beauty of the ARC! #theARC #architecture #seamless #spectacular #weloveDaegu #ColorfulDaegu #fallinlovewiththechangingcolors #Fall2017 #CatandKenadventures


  1. Wow! What a scene. Haven't seen this architecture yet. Been to Daegu for more than a decade ago. This Arc might be new.

    1. ─ Address: 806, Jukgok-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
      ─ KR address: 대구시 달성군 다사읍 죽곡리 805
      Here you are! :)

  2. Could you write the full address? I don't know how to get in the place