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[Cheongna Hill-02] Past and Present Overlap at Chamness House!

The Hill-02
Past and Present Overlap at Chamness House!

To Connect the dots
When the Chamness family left the Cheongna Hill in 1941, they didn’t disappear from here completely. They left a part of their lives: some are visible like the arch and fireplace in the house whereas some are more abstract such as their laughters, chatters, Christmas eve and thousands of footsteps on the hill. It is as if special visitors, the descendants of the missionary Chamness, can hear and picture them in their mind as they stroll through the old trees and finally take a look at inside the house. Susan and David Chamness’ father, who was the second son of the missionary Oliver Vaughan Chamness, left hundreds of photos and videos that they and their cousins to share. In order to trace their root and connect the dots they couldn’t with photos and anecdotes, it was vital for them to make their visit in Daegu and the Cheongna Hill!

Who are O. V. and Helen Chamness?
Oliver Vaughan Chamness was missionary and also a vice director of Aerakwon, a hospital specialized in treating leprous patients. Among many endeavors to help the patients, he devoted himself to building farms and barns and ardently taught patients and people cured how to farm and raise stocks. It was very thoughtful to not only help them recover from the illness but also assist them to live independently afterwards. Helen Chamness was also a missionary and took cared of little kids at Aerakwon.

The day started at Dongsan Medical Center
We were not the only one who was excited for their visit! Directors of Dongsan Medical Center welcomed the Chamness and their spouses to celebrate their visit. Before we embarked on our journey today, we watched photographs and videos the missionary Chamness documented. There were many pictures of daily lives in Korea and Daegu and medical and spiritual missions. If you are curious about how Daegu was back in the early 20th century. Stay tuned for the next article!

Finally, at Cheongna Hill
After only less than 10 min walk from the Dongsan center, the Chamness arrived at the hill! Finally, it was monumental time for them to enter the house of their grandparents and father and uncles. Their grandparents traveled over the Pacific Ocean to help people in need and their father and uncles were born in Korea. The last son of the missionary Chamness was actually born in the Chamness house!

Memories and the present overlap
They were busy finding spots where they have seen from the photos and recollecting memories of what happened in the house. Many places still remained the same. Many seemed to overlap. 

RIP, aunt Barbara
One important thing on their check-list was to make a visit to their aunt Barbara who died from hospital infection when she was only 3 months old.

(left) Leland revisiting Cheongna Hill, (right) Susan and David Chamness this November

Imprinting their own impressions
After a brief lunch, we came back to the hill. While three explored deeper of the hill and house, David Chamness, an urban sketcher painted the back and front of the Chamness house. It seems like artistic talent runs in family. O. V. Chamness was an enthusiastic photographer, once a director of Daegu Photography Association. He also loved painting black and white photos he took.

The day continued at Aerawon, a hospital for lepars! To learn more about the rest of the day and secrets surrounding Cheongna Hill, keep coming back to our channel! :) 

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