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[Cheongna Hill-03] Secrets at Cheongna Hill & Aerakwon(Leper Hospital)

The Hill-03
Secrets of Cheongna Hill & Aerakwon(Leper Hospital)

As many of you already know, descendants of an American missionary Chamness recently made their visit to Daegu, specifically to “Chamness House” located at Cheonna Hill. Chamness House was the place where their grandparents, uncles and father used to live in the early 1900s. If you are curious what this is about check the following articles.

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During this visit, Colorful Daegu discovered some secrets surrounding Cheongna Hill, Daegu’s beloved landmark! Before we get into those secrets, let’s see what has left at a Daegu’s leper hospital and residential complex, Aerakwon, where the American missionary Oliver Vaughn Chamness used to work.

He worked at leper’s center

Carl & Susan Carlson, director of Aerakwon, David & Brenda Chamness 

Aerakwon was founded and directed by missionary Fletcher. When it first started, there were only around handful of staff members taking care of lepers and the center. As the place began to expand, more staff and patients joined and also a church and residential buildings were built. Not only that, with the lead of missionary Chamness, Aerakwon also built barns and farms for patients to learn skills for their survival during and after recovery. O.V. Chamness also ardently recorded important moments and everyday of Aerakwon with photographs and videos with personally written memos. Susan, David, Brenda and Carl's journey to find the root ended at this center. I hope they had a wonderful time and left with great memories! 

Patients and staff at a farm school. O. V. Chamness at the bottom row. 
They are looking at a trace of one of barns managed by their grandfather 
In front of office where their grandfather and his co-workers used. 
Hospital staffs. Fletcher on the second row and O. V. Chamness on the third row from bottom

Secrets of Cheongna Hill
Secret #1
Not all parts of houses at Cheongna Hills are open to public. House of American Christian missionary Chamess is available for public as a museum but only the some part of 1st floor. With our special guests, we were invited to look at 2nd floor.

View from the 2nd floor 

Secret #2

David and Susan Chamness revealed to us that they were paying attention to trees to find one tree that had been crashed by a car. When O.V. and Helen Chamness had no choice but to leave Korea because of Japan’s oppression, they had to head to America first. Two of their sons were left to pack as many as belongings possible within a month. Susan and David’s father and uncle were only teenagers back then. While they were driving a car full of stuff, they crashed onto one of trees at Cheongnan Hill! Maybe that tree still lives on the hill! Who knows!

The Chamness family who used to live in the Chamness House. 
The back of Chamness House

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