Friday, November 10, 2017

Creative City Forum: CEO Forum in Daegu

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Symposium Global Startup Ecosystems Review & Beyond 2017
CEO FORUM in Daegu

I was invited to the Symposium Global Startup Ecosystems Review & Beyond. The event was related to the Korean Academy of Management.

The event was filled with academics, practitioners and a few select members of the community.
Speakers included Professor Jyrki Saarinen talking about the Finnish Startup Ecosystem & Its Development Strategy. Professor Youngwon Park talking about the Japanese Integrated Manufacturing System & Platform-based co-system Strategy. Professor Xiaobin He talking about the Chinese Startup Ecosystem: Past & Future and Professor Seongmin Jeon talking about the Korean Startup Ecosystem & the Role of Venture Capital.

After the speakers were, we had a short break and time to connect with friends. Mull over the presentation and begin our brain storm for the Q & A session.

In addition to the event, food was also provided for guests that attended. 

Most speakers were able to converse in English. Also translation headsets were provided. I was able to mix and meet with old friends and prior professional connections. 

The symposium was split in two parts and ran for two days. Day 1 was held at Novotel and on Day 2, the symposium was held at Kyungpook National University.

I have always been interested in startup ventures and ventures that go against the grain of your typical 9 to 5. This forum was a great chance for likeminded individuals to connect in a intellectual manner and debate the current eco system in Korea, China, the US and Europe. 

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