Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Daegu Dalseong Park: Free Zoo in Korea

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Daegu Dalseong Park:

As fall is coming to a close; now is the perfect time to go visit Daegu Dalseong Park!

Daegu Dalseong park is the oldest place in Daegu, and has a lot of history. It dates back to the era of the three kingdoms, and was used as a Japanese military base during the occupation. It was converted into a park in 1905, and then further renovated to its current state in 1965.

Outside the main gate, there are a lot of unique shops and street vendors, selling various snacks, like egg bread. You can also buy a balloon if you want.

The park is a beautiful place to visit in the fall, as it boasts a lot of open space, and many colorful trees within the grounds. There’s a walking trail that encircles the park, and other various attractions. Some monuments, and structures; the main attraction, being the free zoo!

As you stroll around the park, various animals are kept within the compound, creating a free zoo. You can see goats and sheep, zebras, ostriches, vultures, hawks, peacocks, coyotes, big cats, wolves, porcupines, seals, monkeys, lions, tigers, bears, and an elephant!

There are many places to sit, and enjoy the surroundings. The park is relatively quiet, and can act as an escape from your daily city life.

Within the park, there is also a small history museum, with various artifacts and information that you might find interesting. It’s also free.

The park has restroom facilities, wheel chairs, and sometimes host various events. I encourage you to check it out before the leaves are all gone!

The zoo hours are 10:00am to 5:00pm. I would recommend getting there around noon. If you go first thing in the morning, most of the animals have just been fed, and might not be visible, as they are busy eating inside.

You can get there by subway or bus. If you take the subway, take line 2, and get off at Seomun Market Station; exit 5. If you want to travel by bus, the 300, 414, 414-1, 427, 808, 836, 939, Donggu 2 (동구2), Bukgu 2 (북구2), or Bukgu 3 (북구3 ) should all be able to get you there.

Have Fun!

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