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How to throw away trash like a pro in Korea: All About Food Waste

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How to throw away trash like a pro in Korea: Food Waste (when/where/what to throw away)


From leftovers to spoiled produce, we throw away a surprising amount of food each year. The more we throw away food and not correctly, the more it costs us to keep our community clean and sanitary. In fact, if you do not follow these rules, it can costs you up to 1 million won for fine! ;) For us, our children, neighbor and the environment, let’s see what rules you follow!  Click here to See How to throw away trash like a pro: Recycling, Food Waste, Household Trash! 

2 Ways to Dispose
When to Dispose
Food You Must Not Throw Away

3 Ways to Dispose

■ RFID Machine

RFID Machine is a food disposal machine where you can dispose your food waste. Sounding somewhat intimidating, RFID refers to Radio Frequency Identification. It wirelessly sends your information and amount you dispose to a registered system. The most appealing part of this is that you pay for exactly for how much you disposed. Moreover, the amount of disposal has dropped by 30% after the introduction of the machine.

Since Korea introduced it in 2011, about 2,400 machines has been distributed mainly to apartment complexes. About 190,000 people take advantage of this most advanced food disposal machine.

How: Have your smart key read by machine and throw away your food waste!
*Food only. No plastic bag. 
For who? People living in apartment complexes

Fee charged exactly for how much you dispose.
You can throw away whenever you want
Eco-friendly and Sanitary
Able to reuse the waste

■ Food Waste Bin

If you don’t live in an apartment with RFID, you need to throw away in a waste bin. Some apartments have communal waste bin where you can throw away your food waste and pay for fixed monthly fee to your apartment.

Otherwise, you need to purchase your own food waste bin. Make sure you attach a approved sticker when you take it to entrance. Then, person in charge will take the waste and leave the bin so you can pick it up to use it again with another new sticker. Without the sticker, they don’t take your food waste! 

For those who live in apartment: Communal waste bin
Others: personal waste bin
Where to take the bin out: entrance of building
Where to buy approved stickers and bins: Marts, supermarkets, convenience stores
*Bins under 5L capacity is most used in household.
*For bins, not many stores sell officially approved waste bins. Luckily, stores like DAISO sell food waste bins that are not official but accepted. Make sure you buy a bin that has standardized sizes accepted by a specific district. For example, Dong-gu does not accept 5L bins.
* Bins over 6 L capacity must be officially approved ones.
Prices for stickers: 3L → 120won, 5L → 200won, 20L → 810won, 120L → 4,880won
Standardized Bin Sizes by district
Dalseo-gu, Jung-gu, Nam-gu, Suseong-gu, Seo-gu:  3L, 5L, 20L, 120L
Dalseong-gun: 5L, 20L, 120L
Buk-gu: 2, 3, 5, 20, 60, 120,
Dong-gu: 4, 20, 120

Able to reuse the waste

■ Plastic Bag for Food Waste
There used to be plastic bag for food waste but it has completely out of use in Daegu now.

When to Dispose
Depending on where you live, you can throw away on specific days during specific time. This is part of effort to keep streets clean and sanitary.

Dispose at 20:00 – 2:00
Muyajoyadong(공동주택만): Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Everywhere else: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Dispose at 20:00 – 2:00
Jukjeong-dong, Jangi-dong, Yongsan 1dong, Yongsan 2dong, Igok 1dong, Igok 2dong, Sindang-dong, Wolseong 1dong, Wolseong 2dong, Jincheondong, Sangin 1dong to Sangin 3dong, Dowon-dong: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Seongdangdong, Duryu 1dong to Duryu 3dong, Bonri-dong, Gamsan-dong, Songhyun 1dong, Songhyun 2dong, Bon-dong: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Dispose at 20:00 – 2:00
Hwawon-eup(area across Hwawon-eup Office), Nongong(Nam-ri and part of Buk-ri, Buk-ri Jungang Market and across Market-daero St), Hwawon(Seolhwa-ri), Dasa-eup(Jukgok, Maegok, Bugok), Guji(Myeon areat, 2nd Industrial Complex, Cheongaram, and one-rooms): Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Hwawon-eup(area towards Hwawon-eup Office), Hyungpoong, Dasa-eup(I-cheon, Dal-cheon, Bakgok) Habin(Myeon area, Hasan 1-ri, Hasan 2-ri, Dongok 2-ri), Nongong(Geumpo, Sangri, Wuicheon, Samri), Okpo(Gangrim 1-ri, Gangrim 2-ri, Bon-ri, Sin-dang, Gyohang, Gangyeong, Gise, Bansong, Gimheung), Gachang(Yonggye), Nongong(Dalseong 1st Industrial Complex), Okpo Residential Area. Dasa(Seojae, Secheon): Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Dispose at 20:00 – 2:00
Sinam 1dong, Sinam 4dong, Sinam 5dong, Shincheon 1dong, Shincheon 2dong, Hyomok 1dong, Dongchon-dong, Bangchon-dong, Ansim 1dong, Ansim 2dong, Gongsan-dong(Baekan, Jimyo-dong): Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
Sinsam 2dong, Sinsam 3dong, Shincheon 3dong, Shincheon 4dong, Hyomok 2dong, Dopyeong-dong, Bullo-bongmu-dong, Jijeo-dong, Haean-dong, Ansim 3dong, Ansim 4dong, Gongsandong(towards Pagyesa Temple): Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Dispose at 20:00 – 2:00
Dongin-dong, Samduk-dong, Seongnae 1dong, Daebong 1dong, Daebong 2dong, Namsang 1dong(towards Kyungpook Girls’ High School): Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday
Seongnae 2dong, Seongnae 3dong, Daesindong, Namsan 2dong, Namsan 3dong, Namsan 4dong, Namsan 1dong(towards Myeongduk elementary school: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Dispose at 20:00 – 2:00
Everywhere: everyday except Sunday

Dispose at 20:00 – 00:00
Naedang 2dong, Naedang 3dong, Bisan 1dong to Bisan 6dong, Sangjungi-dong, Wonnae-dong: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Naedang 1dong, Naedang 4dong, Bisan 7dong, Pyeongri 1dong to Pyeongri 6dong: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

Dispose at 20:00 – 2:00
Jisan 1dong, Jisan 2dong, Jung-dong, Sang-dong, Pa-dong, Gosan 1dong to 3dong: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Beomeo 1dong, Beomeo 4dong, Manchon 1dong to 3dong, Doosan-dong, Beomul 1dong and 2dong, Hwanggeum 1dong and 2dong: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. 
Beomeo 2dong and 3dong, Suseong 1,2•3 and 4ga dong: Everyday except Saturday.

Food You Must Not Throw Away
There are some food waste that must be disposed with regular trash not with food waste. Think like this: can this edible for animal? If the answer is no, it must not be thrown away with other food disposal. Basically, anything hard is not classified as food waste.

-Bone, hair, feather: bones of animals, hairs and feather.
-Seafood Shell: Any hard shells of seafood including those of crab and shrimp
-Egg Shell: Shells of any egg including chicken’s and duck’s
-Hard Seed: Hard seed such as peach’s
-Hard Peel: Peels of peanut, walnut, chestnut, pineapple, etc
-Root: Roots of scallion, radish, etc.
-Vegi Peel: Peel of vegetables such as onion’s, garlic’s, ginger’s and corn’s
-Leftover Tea: Leftover in tea bags

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