Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Kid-friendly Halloween Night in Daegu: Halloween with Better Together

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Halloween with Better Together in Daegu

At the start of the program we learned about the similarities between Superstitions in Korea and western countries the celebrate Halloween.  We learned about Dong Ji.  It falls in December on the solar calendar during the Winter Solstice and lasts about 15 day.  This is the time when days begin getting longer.

Several members of the staff had prepared stories from their past that involved Shaman or ghosts.  Shaman are considered to be able to deal with ghostly spirits and how they interact with humans.  People go to shamans to have bad spirits removed from their bodies or homes.

Next we played games.  The first game was mystery box.  Items were secretly placed in covered boxes and guests were invited to place their hands into the boxes and describe what they felt. The shapes are texture of the objects they felt was told to the audience and everyone shouted out what they guessed was in the boxes.  Objects from a bit of ginseng root musical instruments and even a dried fish were some of the items.

Next we had contests to see who could wrap up a mummy the best.  This was very exciting because each team had a different technique to get the best results.  Two teams competed against each other for the best looking mummy.  The tissue was difficult to wrap  with any speed and the teams were given one minute each to do their best.

We then played a body language description game.  Teams were invited to the stage.  They were showed a total of ten words related to Halloween.  They had to act out the words to get answers from the members of the audience.  Some of the words were very difficult. Casper!  This particular word was difficult because it is a cartoon character from North America and some of the team members were from other countries like Pakistan Ireland, South Africa and Korea.  The teams that were able to get correct answers to the most cards were given prizes.

We had learned that sometimes shamans use wild body shaking to remove bad spirits, so the next game was to see how many shakes contestants could get in one minute by shaking a stick decorated like a shaman’s wand and having a vibration meter counter attached to it.  This was a great contest of speed and technique!

At the end of the games we were reminded of the past events and then several members were invited to the stage to answer questions about their stay in Korea and how they viewed different aspects of life here and in their home countries.  Questions included cultural differences and any event in their past that was something they would not forget.  Also, people were asked what Daegu City can do to better assist foreigners living here or visiting the city.

All in all everyone appeared to have a great time and we all said good bye and wished each other good luck.  Many will be back next year but many be off on different journeys in their home countries or in other places around the world.  Thank you to the volunteers and staff members for making a great program.  We also want to thank Daegu Metropolitan City for sponsoring the overall program!

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