Wednesday, November 8, 2017

[Living in Korea 101] 3 Ways to Charge Transportation Cards

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

How to ReCharge your Metro Cards in Daegu

When taking a subway you have no choice but to pay for a token at the automated kiosk, unless you have a transportation card Go to the kiosk and tap the English menu and follow the steps.

Now let me explain how to add money to your metro cards so you can save money with the discounts and transfers. There are many ways to do this and some bank or debit cards are also able to be charged at banks, ATMs and small kiosks at bus stops.  In the subway and monorail stations the machines are entirely different. The machines look different but are basically the same, and they have an English option on the main screen. Use the English option and follow the steps for most types of cards or fobs.  T-money, Cashbee, and CUbuscards.  These have to be used at the convenience stores that are national chain stores. They can’t be charged at kiosks.

Lay your card or fob on the reader.  It will automatically read and show you the amount available for use. On the subway machines, just insert the money then press the large yellow button and wait for it to turn green then remove your card or fob.

The monorail machines are a little overwhelming to look at compared the older machines at subway stations.  But, there is also an English option to guide you.  Just choose English on the main screen and follow the steps.  It will time out if you take too much time, but it is really quite easy.

If you have one of the convenient store cards just hand the card and cash to the clerk. My daughter who is seven and didn’t know what to do was able to do it.  This clerk figured it out quite quickly and we were on our way in under a minute.

Daegu bank ATMs are another option. We were only able to find the options in Korean, so I will explain each step with photos of the steps.

Step one is to place your Daegu issued card or fob (certain cell phones also have a chip installed) on the card reader.  At the bottom left side of the screen, choose that option.
The second screen is asking you to place your card or fob on the reader.
The next step is asking how you will load the money.  We were using cash, so we chose the top option. The next screen asks for a pin number.  We used my cell phone number.
Since we were loading cash a door opens on the machine.  Place the cash inside the machine. The door will close and the machine will count the cash.  Press the blue button and the door will close. After the machine counts the money it will display the amount you placed in the ATM.  It will ask you to verify the amount. If the amount is correct choose the blue button again.  If not, choose the red button. The machine will open and you may have to either separate the bills or flatten them out.
The last screen asks if you would like a receipt.  If yes, choose the top button.  If no, choose the bottom button.  And you are all done!

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