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COFFEE CITY DAEGU│ 3 Best Uniquely Themed Cafes Outside Downtown

3 Best Uniquely Themed Cafes Around Daegu

Cafe Pyeon in Igok-dong

Last but not least, Colorful Daegu’s last article for Coffee City Daegu is cafes outside the downtown that are uniquely themed! It was very hard to choose among a number of cafes to feature in the article. I am sure you have a long list of your own favorite cafes. Let us know which they are in the comment section!

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At the Moment *currently not operating

■Basic Information
-Address: 798-16, Beomeo-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
-The nearest subway station: Beomo Station
-Directions: Take exit 2 and make a left at the next largest intersection. Then, make a right at the Coffea Coffee. The cafe will be on your right, across from a 7/11.
-Hours: 0900-0000, Brunch from 1000-2100
-Closed on: open 7 days a week
-English speaking staff : Staff speaks some English

- 3 most popular menu:
1.  American Breakfast
2.  Salmon Avocado Sandwich
3.  Eggs Benedict

-Menu I ordered: We ordered the Eggs Benedict, Salmon Avocado Sandwich, Lime Mojito, and Grapefruit Mojito.

-Food/drinks: The meal looked and tasted delicious. I ordered the eggs benedict which was layered with thin bacon, tomato, greens, and hollandaise. The set menu item comes with an Americano or orange juice, but for 2000 won extra you substitute this for another drink. My friend and I both opted for this option and got lime and grapefruit mojitos. Although we were a bit devastated our drinks were missing rum, the virgin mojito “-ades” were sweet and refreshing.
-Vibe: The atmosphere was open and laid back. Even though it was a Saturday, there were only a few other people in the whole cafe which gave us lots of space to relax. The style was Victorian and modern, with feminine flair and plenty of natural light: a perfect place for pictures.

-5 interesting facts:
1.          There are three floors and an outdoor patio area.
2.          The menus are only in Korean, but there are pictures.
3.          They also serve bottled beer.
4.          The place is bathed in pink. A great place for soft, pastel photographs.
5.          It’s open until midnight, so keep it in mind for late nights.

-What you like about the place: The food was fantastic, and the space was elegant. There are plenty of spaces to take photos with friends.
-What you hope the place improve on: I was disappointed our mojitos did not have any rum in them. Note that most of mojitos served at a restaurant or café in Korea don’t contain alcohol in it. I hope that they will offer more brunch-friendly alcoholic beverages like mojitos that actually have rum, mimosas, and Bloody Marys.

The wheel has come full circle.~William Shakespeare.
Air Cafe

Everything in life comes full circle. I began my summer trip in an airplane and ended it in an airplane again. Welcome to Air Café 비행기카페!

At the end of Suseong Lake수성못 lies a gigantic structure that no one will surely miss.
It's a refurbished plane and made into a cafe.
On a sunny Saturday afternoon, after a long walk around the Suseong Lake, this massive cafe offers a respite from the striking sunrays. The comfortable interiors with its wide spaces and seats make me still feel like I'm flying in the sky. Interesting indeed!

Also, the two food establishments inside offer a variety of menu. On one end of the plane is the chicken and beer and at the other end is the cafe where coffee, tea, and flavored shaved ice/milk are sold at reasonable prices. We ordered a salad, chicken and beer for a late lunch and Melon bingsu for dessert. Both shops had good food; simple yet tasty.

You can also make reservations for a dinner party for only 10 people with the spectacular lights/lightshow of the Suseong Lake as the backdrop.

Interestingly, the Virtual Reality/VR game for kids (sadly, adults are not allowed??) was fun to look at because the kids had a great time.

Truly, the Air Cafe is a unique experience that everyone can try.
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Basic Info:
Address: 42, Muhak-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea
KR Address:  대구 수성구 무학로 42
Nearest subway station: Line 3/Yellow Line, get off at Suseongmot/수성못, walk around the lake to see at the end is a big airplane (you can't miss it)
Phone: 053-762-2252
Hours: 11:00~23:00
Closed on: Open everyday/No holiday
English speaking staff: Knows a little English
Popular Menu: Fried Chicken, Chicken stew/찜닭, Melon bingsu

Menu ordered: salad, Garlic Fried Chicken, beer, and Melon Sulbing
5 Interesting facts:
1.) It has an "airplane" vibe, "up in the sky"
2.) It has very comfortable seats and spaces; just like an airplane.
3.) It's family-oriented/child friendly because there's a chair for kids.
4.) The Virtual Reality/VR game for kids.
5.) The two food shops, chicken and beer and cafe and dessert offer a variety of menu.
What I like: I like the airplane vibe, up in the sky, flying with the clouds
What I hope to improve: I hope to have more staff because each food shop has only 2 people taking orders, cooking, and serving the food so we waited for a while.

Time for drink? Café Pyoen

Daegu sometimes gets overlooked. Too often, people talk off Seoul and Busan as the key places to visit. I have been quite lucky to find unique places and events (as you may have read in my past articles). This time a café was suggested and I decided to go visit.

Café Pyeon is located in the north west of Daegu. It’s very easy to find. I drove there myself, however you can access it via subway too. You should get off at Seongseo Industrial Complex Station and take exit 7.

I was amazed with the sheer size of this café. I was expecting some ground floor set up, however the place is huge.

A giant internal water feature dominates this café. Alongside this water feature, there are various other mini water features.  If you are looking for a slice of nature, Café Pyeon does not disappoint.

I bought myself some drinks. Prices are a little on the steep side, however what do you expect? If you come to a fancy café, you can expect to pay some fancy prices. However, do not be fooled into thinking that you simply drink your beverage and be out of there. Oh no, instead you should expect to be taken it to a zone where time does not exists. It is quite easy to lose track of time in other words.

As you wait for your drink and zone out, you are given a beacon. This will buzz you when your drink is ready and bring you back to reality. 

Whether you go alone or in a large group. This café will be sufficient to seat all. I came across a table that can easily seat up to 12 people.  That aside, I am sure you would like to know how my cappuccino tasted? Well, it was decent. Nothing spectacular, but you are paying for the ambience more so than the drink.

I also ordered a tea, however you need to carry your own drinks all the up some stairs. I would suggest this business, let the customer carry the tray themselves and then come by with a kettle and pour the tea. Thus we avoid any spillage of any kind. 

If you want to take a break from the city life and enter a world full of water and plants than Café Pyeon is something that you will enjoy. I would recommend this place for business meetings, dates and also alone time. It is not ideal for kids.
Thank you for taking the time to read my article. See you again.

Address: 11, Igokdong-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
KR Address: 대구 달서구 이곡동로 11
Nearest subway station: Seongseo Industrial Complex Station(Line 2)
Phone: 070-4635-2145
Hours: 09:00~23:50

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