Friday, January 26, 2018

Best Korean Winter Snacks: Must-Eat Before Too Late

The winter is two thirds done already. Although we are not a fan of this strikingly cold weather, what we all love is foods that are winter special only. Before the winter is completely gone, check out the following list of Korean winter snacks you need to cross out!

No. 1 Bungeo-ppang 붕어빵

Bungeo-ppang is a fish-shaped break with sweet red bean filling. It is one of the most common winter street foods in Korea that is sold at street stalls. During winter, you will be able to spot at least one Bungeo-ppang stall in each neighborhood. Its crispy bread and hot sweet filling can instantly warm up your body!
Another variation is chrysanthemum bread, which is one or two bite sized bread with sweet bean pastes filling. Its bread tends to softer and filling tastes a little different than Bungeo-ppang’s. What’s your preference?

No. 2 Jjin-ppang or ho-ppang 찐빵

Jjin-ppang literally means a steamed bun. A typical jjin-ppang is stuffed with sweet red beans(again!) Unlike Bungeo-ppang’s, jjin-ppang’s red bean paste contain broken beans exclusively. Also, pork/vegetables and pizza toppings are popular fillings for younger generations. Its bun tastes softer and fluffier since it contains high amount of moisture.
At a store, they are steamed in a pot whereas they are cooked and kept warm inside a small machine at a convenience store. Most of convenience stores have jjin-ppang ready for customers during winter.

No. 3 Roasted Sweet Potato 군고구마

Gun-goguma(roasted sweet potato) is another popular Korean winter snack that is loved by all generations. It is often cooked with wood in a special machine that is designed specifically for this snack. Sometimes, it is also baked directly on firewood or stones.
Other ingredients that are commonly roasted during winter are chestnuts and corns.

No. 4 Strawberry Dessert 딸기 디저트

Strawberry is one of things that make winter an amazing season! Strawberry during winter is the most fresh and sweetest! It’s the best time of the year to enjoy this delicacy as its own or a strawberry based dessert. One thing I want to recommend is strawberry bingsu, which is a shaved ice with toppings. Usually, shaved ice is made of milk, condensed milk and other secret ingredients. This summer dessert tastes refreshing even in winter! There are also many other strawberry desserts you can try at local cafes. So, check it out before it’s too late!

No. 5 Ppeongtwigi 뻥튀기

If you have visited Korean traditional market, sijang, in witner, you might have heard the sound “ppeong i yo! 뻥이요” which means it’s time to ppeong, an explosive sound that snack machine pops open. Ppeongtwigi is puffed rice grains. Because it is not seasoned, it can be surprisingly addictive. People can’t just their hands off it under a cozy blanket!

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