Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Daegu Citizen Week: Celebrating Daegu Spirit Throughout the city!

Daegu Citizen Week is coming in February 21 to 28 to encourage Daegu spirit among its citizens and celebrate its recent achievements! During the week, numerous events and concerts will take place throughout Daegu. We would like to introduce you selected ones that even people with no or little Korean skills can enjoy.

Basic Information
■ Date: Feb 21 - 28
■ Slogan: Daegu Citizen Spirit to all around the world and to the future!

Notable Achievements

at Cerebration Concert for Enlistment as a Creative City by UNESCO

1. Documents related to Gukchaebosang National Debt Redemption Movement was listed on UNESCO memory of the World Record.
The movement started in Daegu in 1907 and expanded to the rest of Korea to take back economical independence threatened by Japanese oppression.
2. Sinam Martyred Patriots Memorial Cemetery is raised to a national cemetery.
At Sinam Cemetery, 52 Independence Patriots are resingt in peace, which makes it the biggest number of patriots buried at a park.

3. 2.28 Daegu Democracy Movement is raised to a national holiday.
2.28 Democracy movement carries significance since it had resulted in the most important democracy movements such as March 15 Movement and April 19 Revoluion.

4. Daegu was approved as a creative city for music.
Daegu boasts a number of global-scaled music festivals like Daegu International Opera Festival and Daegu International Musical Festival that has been in the scene for more than a decade. Also, Daegu has enjoyed, celebrated and fostered a variety of music genres from traditional music, orchestra, jazz, folk, hip hop and so on.

Exhibition- Documents for 2.28 Democracy Movement
■ Date: Feb 26 – Marc 4
■ Location: Daegu Arts Center (Hall 10)

Exhibition- Documents for Gukchaebosang Movement
■ Date: Feb 19 – 25
■ Location: Daegu Arts Center (Hall 4)

Recreating 2.28!
More than 1,000 citizens create the historical day.
■ Date: Feb 28, 12:55 – 13:30
■ Location: Banwoldang Intersection to Daegu Concert House

Speak out yourself
Share your insight and thought about Daegu with other citizens.
■ Date: Feb 24, 14:00 – 16:00
■ Location: in front of CGV Daegu Hanil

Citizen Week Celebration Concert
■ Date: Feb 23, 19:30 – 20:30
■ Location: Daegu Concert House
Admission: Free

Creative musical, Whistle Blow
Whistle Blow is a work on Gukchaebosang Movement.
■ Date: Feb 22 – 23, 19:30 and Feb 24 – 25, 15:00/19:30
■ Location: Daegu Bongsan Culture Center

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