Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Prevent(or deal with) Frozen Water Meters and Pipes in Daegu, Korea.

Bitterly Cold weather is ahead of us! From tomorrow until the end of this weekend, temperature is expected drop nationwide. It is the time to safeguard our home by preventing water damage from frozen pipes and water meters that bring costly repairs.

Prevent frozen water meters and pipes
In many cases, water meters and pipes are located outside home. Check all part that seem vulnerable to cold and wrap exposed ones with insulation or fabric. Make sure you close the lid of meter to provide basic protection. Also if your yard has faucets in the wide coldness, you need to protect it as well.

If you have to leave your house unattended for an extended period time, it is a great idea to allow a small trickle of water to run overnight to keep pipes from freezing. An extra tip is to keep that water in a sink or a bathtub so that you can use the water afterwards.

How to Deal with Frozen Pipes
If pipes and water meters end up getting frozen, warm the air around it with a hair dryer or apply heat directly to a pipe with warm water. Make sure you start with “warm” water and slowly increase the temperature of water or air to avoid cracks and other damages to them. Water with 50 degree Celsius above has high potential to damage water meter. If glass over a water meter breaks, call Waterworks Headquarters Daegu 대구 상수도사업본부 at 121 for help.
*If you don't speak Korean, you might need someone to help you call the headquarter. 
*If you live outside Daegu, you can still call 121 and it will directly connect to the Waterworks Headquarters in your area.  

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