Thursday, January 4, 2018

Preview 2018: 14 Flowers & Nature Scenes You Must See

One of the best things about Daegu is its rich nature! From colorful flowers to green and brown nature, Daegu is full of energy. Go ahead and mark your calendar for your favorite scene of Daegu! Subscribe to our channel to keep yourself updated about each item on this list with more details!  
*Artificially created field might not run this year. You can still appreciate mentioned flower in other areas of Daegu

Wetland 습지
#brown #wildnature #river

Ansim Wetland
Ansim Wetland

■ When: January
■ Where: Ansim Wetland, Dalseong Wetland

Dropwort field 미나리
#bright_green #unique_scent #mukbang

■ When: Februrary
■ Where: Palgongsan dropwort, Hwawon dropwort

Golden-bell tree개나리
#yellow #beginning_of_spring


■ When: March
■ Where: Shincheon, Apsan Park, Dongchon Resort, Duryu Park

Yuchae flower 유채꽃
#yellow #photo_spot


■ When: April
■ Where: Hajungdo, Bullo-heon Stream

Cherry blossom벚꽃
#white #pale_pink #snow_flakes #ultimately_romantic

Duryu Park
Palgongsan Mt.

■ When: late March – early April
■ Where: E-world & Duryu Park, Apsan Café St., Okpo Cherry Blossom St, Palgong Mt., etc.

Azalea 참꽃
#magenta #pink #peak_of_spring

Biseulsan Mt.
Biseulsan Mt.
■ When: late April – early May
■ Where: Biseulsan Azalea Festival,

Coreopsis 금계국
#yellow #feeling_refreshed

Dongchon Sunrise Park

■ When: May
■ Where: Dongchon Sunrise Park, Jincheon-cheon Stream, Bullo-dong Tomb Park, Mt. Waryongsan Observatory

Lotus 연꽃
#grace #you_r_beautiful

Ansim Lotus Complex
Ansim Lotus Complex

■ When: June
■ Where: Ansim Lotus Complex, Unamji

Trumpet creeper 능소화
#coral_peach #waiting

■ When: June
■ Where: Inheung Village

Crape Myrtle 배롱나무
#bright_magenta #100_days_of_blossom

Hamok-jeong Pavillion
Hamok-jeong Pavillion

■ When: July – early August
■ Where: Hamok-jeong Pavilion, Yuksinsa Shrine, Dodong Confucian Academy

Cosmos 코스모스
#officially_fall #orange #pink

■ When: September
■ Where: Hajungdo, Songhae Park,

Kangaroo paw꽃무릇
#red #miss_you_forever

■ When: September
■ Where: Daegu Arboretum, Jungri Sports Park

Chrysanthemum 국화
#autumn_flower #rich_scent

Daegu Arboretum
Daegu Arboretum

■ When: October
■ Where: Daegu Arboretum, Jinbatgol

Autumn Foliage 단풍

Palgongsan Mt.
Apsan Cafe St.

■ When: October to November
■ Where: Palgong Mt., Daegu Stadium, Duryu Park, Daegu Arboretum, Hillcrest and so many more!

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