Thursday, February 8, 2018

Daegu Airport Flight Schedule in Feb/Mar 2018

Daegu is known for Korea’s’ finest public transportation systems such as railway, subway and highways. Now, we can proudly say that airway is not so different! Last year, Daegu airport was leaped to top 4 international airports for international flights. In 2013, it accommodated only 3 routes for one country. However, Daegu airport provides flights to 15 different cities from 7 countries as of now.

If you are living in Daegu and surrounding areas, Daegu airport is a great option to travel to some of the most previous cities in the world! Check out the latest schedule they offer and plan your holidays ahead :)

Check out on the official site: click here
Flights available to: Cebu,Danang, Fukuoka, Guam, Hongkong,Incheon, Kinawa, Osaka, Pudong, Sapporo, Taipei, Tokyo,Bangkok,  Sanya

DAEGU – WORLD (Departure)

WOLRD – DAEGU (Arrival)

Check out on the official site: click here

DAEGU – JEJU or GIMPO (Departure)

JEJU or GIMPO – DAEGU (Arrival)


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