Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Living in Korea 201| Return Empty Bottles and Receive Deposit Back (Go green!)

When you buy a bottled drink, a small part of price include deposit for the bottle. This way, the city can encourage people to return bottles for reuses. It has been very effective; the city has seen the increase in returning rate from 90% in 2015 to 97% in 2017.
If you haven’t already, return your empty bottles at home and receive deposit. Deposit itself is not a lot but you can protect the environment!

-Bottles under 190ml: 70 won
-Bottles 190ml – 400ml: 100 won
ex) Soju, small-sized beer, coke, cidar, etc
-Bottles 400ml – 1,000ml: 130 won
-Bottles over 1,000ml: 3500 won

A typical soju bottle costs 100 won while a common beer bottle 130 won. 

Empty bottles completely before returning.

Where to return bottles?
Anywhere that sells those bottles. You can take empty bottles during their respective operating hours.
*Please note that a bottle should be completely empty and free of dirt such as cigarette residue and chewing gum.

Look for this mark! 

At the back side of a label is indicated with this mark. It indicates the how much a bottle costs. Bottle without this mark must be recycled as glass. 

Colors can vary depending on design of a product.
Image: Ministry of Environment

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