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Daegu Street Tour | Modern Culture Street (Yangnyeongsi, Cheongna Hill, Jeil Church, Gyesan Cathedral, etc)

DIY Walking Tour around Daegu: Modern Culture Street

Are you new to Daegu or planning to visit Daegu soon? Are you wondering what to do while in downtown Daegu? Why not do a DIY walking tour following one of the four Modern Alley Tour Courses in Jung-gu, Daegu?

A few days ago, I did the Daegu Modern History Street Tour Course 2. The course 2 is also known as Modern Culture Street. 

The Modern Culture Street starts from Cheongna Hill (청라 언덕) and ends at Chinese Elementary School. As the name of course suggests, you will find a lot of modern history related locations and things along the way.

Do-It-Yourself Modern History Street Tour

Take the subway to Banwoldang Station. Take Exit 18 and take the escalator to the left. Once outside, walk straight until you reach the intersection. Cross the street and turn right.

Walk straight again until you reach 3.1 Independence Movement Road. Climb up the stairs, it leads to Cheongna Hill(청라 언덕), where the missionary houses, one was turned into the Museum of Medical Missionary Works, and the new Jeil Church are located.

Museum of Medical Missionary Works
New Jeil Church

Once done exploring Cheongna Hill, go back to the 3.1 Independence Movement Road.

March 1st Independence Movement Road
Cross the street and go towards Gyesan Cathedral. Gyesan Cathedral is recognized for its historical and architectural values. It marked the beginning of Catholicism in the region.

Gyesan Cathedral: Historic Site No. 90
Once done exploring Gyesan Cathedral, go back towards the main road and turn left.

Walk straight until you reach the small alley leading to the Old House of Lee Sang-hwa, Old House of Seo Sang-don and the Modern History Hall Gyesan Yega.

Mural on the wall of the alley leading to the Old House of Lee Sang-hwa
 The Old House of Lee Sang-hwa, a nationalist poet who resisted Japanese colonialism through his poems.
The old house of Lee Sang-don, a nationalist for spreading the “National Debt Repayment Movement.”

From the house of Seo Sang-don, turn right then turn left at the Korean traditional restaurant.

Beautiful photos on the fence

You will see murals on the wall. The alley is called the Mulberry Tree Alley or Du Sa Chung.

Murals at Mulberry Tree Alley

Walk straight until you reach the main road. Then turn right and walk straight until you see the West Gate of Yangyeongsi Market. Turn and take the way to the right. Walk straight until you see the old Jeil Church to your left and the Gyonam YMCA to your right.

Gyonam YMCA
Old Jeil Church

Next to the Jeil Church is a path leading to the Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine and next to it is a newly built Foot Bath in the Oriental Medicine Experience Facility.

Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine
Outside Yangnyeongsi Museum

From the Yangyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine, walk towards the big  concrete gate and cross the street. Walk straight until you reach the Yeongnam-daero. Yeongnam-daero used to be a part of the Gyeongbugado, an old road which connected Busan and Hanyang (Seoul) during the Joseon Dynasty.

Yeongnam-daero Street
Murals along Yeongnam-daero Street

Once done looking at the murals at Yeongnamdaero, turn back towards Yeonmae Market and turn left. Then walk down towards Jongno, passing Jin-golmok Alley and the Overseas Chinese Elementary School.

Aside from the historical things and beautiful murals, there are also plenty of restaurants and cafes in the area. So you don’t have to worry about getting hungry while doing the tour.

Daegu Street Tour(Course 2)
■Attractions: Dongsancheongna Hill – 3.1 Independence Movement Road – Gyesan Catholic Church – Old House of Lee Sang-hwa – Old House of Seo Sang Don – Yangnyeongsi Museum – Old Jeil Church  – Yeongnam-daero – Jong-ro – Jin Alley  – Chinese Elementary School
■Approx Duration: 2 hours (1.4km)
■Additional Information: Daegu Oriental Medicine Culture Festival (대구약령시 한방문화제) is taking place from May 3rd ~ May 7th.
Website: Click here 

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