Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Hajungdo Yuchae Flower Field | Korea's Canola Field

Have YUCHAeck the most beautiful flowers in Daegu? You CANOLAready visit them!
You can enjoy spring in Daegu. Aside from the usual cherry blossom festivals that are held at Palgongsan and Biseulsan Mountains, or E-World, you can enjoy the sight and fragrance of the blossoming Yuchae in Hajungdo Island.

Yuchae Flower Field in Hajungdo Island

For most people, Daegu is famous for its cherry blossom festivals during spring season. To my surprise, Daegu also has a Yuchae Festival. 

Yuchae (유채), commonly known as canola, is one of the flowers that blooms during Spring season. Jeju Island (제주도), Seoraeseom Island (서래섬) located in Seoul and Banpo Hangang River Park (반포한강공원), and Nakdong River (낙동강) in Busan are famous for their Yuchae Festivals.
Oh Yes, you read that right, Daegukins!
Hajungdo Island's Yuchae Flower Field has been opened to the public last April 7, 2018. Daegu visitors are invited to enjoy the sight and fragrance of the blossoming Yuchae of Hajungdo Island. Best part of it, you get to do it for FREE.

But before you get all giddy and excited, you must know the do's and dont's in this festival.
First, visitors are not allowed to pick the flowers. This picture literally translates to “Protect the Flowers” and “Flowers can also feel the pain”. As much as the flowers give us joy, please don't hurt them by picking them or stepping on them. When you take photos, please be extra careful on touching or holding them.
Second, when you take pictures of the flowers and with the flowers, there are some certain areas that visitors are not allowed to enter. As much as you would want to have a good picture with the Yuchae flowers that you can use to post on your Instagram or to change your profile picture on Facebook, we must bear in mind that we are not stepping on them or going to the prohibited areas.

If you see this man in uniform, do not be afraid when he shouts at you. He is just reminding you to protect the Yuchae flowers. Also, it would not hurt at all if we can appreciate his good work and tell him, “Sugohasyeotsumnida! (수고하셨습니다),” which means he did a great job! 

As soon as you enter the golden site of the yuchae flower field, you cannot miss this big signboard. Please take time to read it as this is an important reminder from Daegu Metropolitan City – Facilities Safety Management Office to everyone who wants to visit the place. This is a guide on how to enjoy “Beautiful Hajungdo”.

   1.)   If you have pets with you, please be sure to bring a waste disposal container (such as envelope, tongs) as well.
    2.)    Also, please be equipped with pet protection devices or gears (such as leash).
    3.)    Motorbikes and bicycles are not allowed to enter into walking path.
    4.)    Please clean as you go and take your garbage/s with you.
    5.)    Please be cautious of snakes.
    6.)    Please finish the visit before sunset.

Bring a camera or fully charge your mobile phone so you can take a lot of photos and videos that you can always look back wherever you are. At the same time, take a deep breath, smile, look around you, smell the flowers, touch them, and realized how precious are they and that life is beautiful.

It is a must visit if you are a truly a Daegukin! You can go by yourself, with your special someone, or even with your family and friends. It is a very romantic and serene place for anyone who would just want to go to a quiet place and far from the hustle and bustle of the city.
I was with my sister when I came to visit the Yuchae flower field last week and I must say, that the best time to visit is the last week after its peak to see the fully blossom of canola flowers. If you have missed the opportunity to see the cherry blossoms, then this is your chance to have a souvenir of springtime.
There are so many things you can experience and enjoy during the Yuchae Flower festival in Hajungdo Island such as clay art, jewelry cross-stitch, face painting, nail art, caricature, photo exhibition, photo zone, and other performances of busking, magic show, bubble show, harmonica, saxophone, etc.

How to get there:
The easiest way to go here is if you have a car, just type in 하중도 on your map app or your car’s GPS.
You can also take the subway Line 3, get off at Manpyeong station, and take the exit 1. You will find the bus stop there and take either Bukgu 3 (북구-3) or Chilgok 2 (칠곡-2) and get off at Nogok-dong Station (노곡동 ) bus stop.

■ Date for the Festival: April 8-9 and April 14-15,10:00 - 17:00 
*The field opens from April to May 7 
■ Location: Hajungdo Island 하중도
■ Address: 681-1 Nogok-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu
■ KR Address: 대구 북구 노곡동 681-1


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  2. The article is very clear. I felt that you took me there with you while I was reading it.

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