Monday, April 9, 2018

Highlights from DAEGU CITIZEN PRESS 2018 Orientation!

Finally, Daegu Citizen Press 2018 started its term the past Friday. Members for this year went through a competitive selection process. Only 1 out of 3 candidates were chosen to serve as a messenger for the Colorful Daegu channels. 

Nice to meet you all!
The orientation began in the late afternoon and familiar faces from the photos started to appear. Daegu Citizen Press consists of 3 groups by language: Korean, English and Chinese. 

For English group, we have 14 reporters from  from 8 countries: Ghana, Hungary, Nigerian, Pakistan, Philipines, Spain, Vietnam and USA. They will bring their own unique perspectives to our blog and facebook!:)

Reporters are enjoying photo time.

Time to break the ice and have good time
The afternoon was full of fun and laughs. With a picket given to each member, members made a coherent sentence to win the game.  

"Daegu citizens, fighting!"

Up next was a puzzle. Everyone was fully focus on getting the picture complete as fast as they can.

Can you guess what the picture is about?

It’s official now
After a short break, 3 members from each group went up to the stage for the rest of the reporters to make a commitment pledge and receive the letter of appointment from the director of Promotion Department of Daegu Metropolitan City. Welcome aboard everyone!

Learning the A to Z about the Citizen Press
Reporters were split into 3 groups by language and learned the guidebook. 

There were 4 members from current and graduate Yeongnam Uni!

Chinese group(left) and Korean group(right)

Enthusiasm encapsulated

The last thing for the orientation was to write down their goals as Daegu Citizen Reporter. 

Linda is sharing one of her goals: to make friends from countries

See you soon!
Massive thanks to Daegu Citizen Press 2018 for coming out! And thank you for all our 

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