Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Korea Cherry Blossom| the Palgongsan Cherry Blossom Tunnel

Tracing back to the past week, every corner of Daegu was spotted with splendid cherry blossoms. Then, the rain came for 3 days and it seemed like the season is already over until we found this at Palgongsan Cherry Blossom Road!

Since the mountain area has lower temperature, cherry blossoms have just reached their peak bloom last weekend and are supposed to last until this weekend. What makes a number of people to travel all the way to Palgongsan is their infamous cherry blossom tunnels.

It is one of the most popular drive courses during spring time. Drive along “Palgongsan-ro” starting from near Sutaegol Valley and past Pascucci and finally reach to the Fountain Plaza where fun events happen for Palgonsan Cherry Blossom Festival that starts from today until the weekend(April 11 – April 15). Don’t forget to drive along the cursive road downwards to be in the scenic view either!

Address Point A (Pascucci)
EN: 1173, Palgongsan-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
KR: 대구 동구 팔공산로 1173
Address Point B (by the Fountain Plaza)
EN: 3, Palgongsan-ro 199-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
KR: 대구 동구 팔공산로 199 3

If you travel by public transportation, take bus #Palgongng 1(팔공1), #Palgongng 3(팔공3) or Geuphang 1(급행1) and get off at the entry to Donghwasa Temple(동사화 입구 Donghwasa Ipgu)

All images: Citizen Press, Yeong-chang Lee
taken on Apri 10, 2018

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