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Riding in Korea | Biking Routes Around The Arc(Gangjeongbo)

A ride around the ARC - Healing time in a peaceful environment!

My favourite season is here! Spring is coming and it’s the perfect time to go out, enjoy the weather before it gets too hot in 대프리카(Daefrica), do some exercise or just explore the city with friends or family! My new favorite spot in Daegu is Gangjeongbon Area, better known as the
ARC area!

Daegu may not have sea, but it has some beautiful scenery and rivers. The Gangjeongbon area, and the ARC are in the middle of two major rivers, 낙동강 (Nagdonggang) and 금호강 (Geumhogang), so it’s no surprise the ARC was built with the water concept in mind!

What to do in the ARC?

The ARC is a cultural center dedicated to river and water culture in Korea, it has really interesting exhibitions related to water, an observation deck and a cafe in the third floor, and even a area for kids, so it’s a great place to go with your family!
It is closed every Monday of the week, so take it in consideration when planning your visit!

But the fun doesn’t finish there!! The area is a great place to have a picnic under the trees, have a walk or have a ride! In your way to the ARC you will find a lot of rental places, you can try different bikes or scooters, as you can see in the picture! You don’t need reservation, and the big ones cost about 15000 won an hour. Another super fun activity you can do is ride a duck boat! (We recommend going with friends, which is always more fun and cheaper!) Price is 15000 won per 30 minutes, put those legs working! :D

Super secret tip! If you prefer to save some money in transportation and spend it in the picnic food, you can rent the bicycles in the subway for FREE! The closest stations in the area are 대실역 (Daesil station), and 강창역 (Gangchang station). You can take them from 6am to 6pm and return them in the same station until 8pm, you just need to go to the information center and show your ID. They have forms in English where you can just do it for non-members, or do the membership form, so you won’t have to write it again the next time you go. Both are completely free so I recommend doing the membership one! Next time just show your ID and take you bike’s key! Once you register in one station, you can use the bikes in other stations too!

Bike routes close to the ARC

Personally, I love to take a bike and enjoy the beautiful scenery, so this last time I found two possible ways to go. As you can see in the pictures, the first one is just following the course of the river once you turn around the ARC. This way goes above the water and later still goes pretty close to it.

The second way is crossing the big bridge and then turning left. In this way, you can see some sculptures about the agriculture in the area while actually seeing some farms.

Both ways are amazing, and we recommend you to explore around (always carefully!). There’s plenty of cycle lane available in the area and it’s safe to ride there! Maybe you find some old style restaurant or more beautiful views to see, let us now if you do!

How to get there?

By public transportation:

Just take the subway to 대실역 (Daesil station), go out exit two and go straight until the bus stop. There, take the bus number 성서2 (Seongseo 2) until the bus stop called 강정본 (디아크문화관) (Gangjeongbon - Cultural Center The ARC). From there you will see the ARC!

By bike from metro:

If you want to take the bike from the subway, you can either get your bike at 강창역 exit 2 (Gangchang station) or 대실역 (Daesil station) exit 3, and just go to the intersection where you can see the 강정보 area sign and just follow the way down, as you see in the map.

Whatever you decide to do, be it exercise, have a delicious picnic or learn more about the water culture in Daegu and Korea, remember that the most important part it's to have fun and enjoy the company! If you like beautiful views and outdoor activities, this place is a must-see in Daegu, don't miss it!

Basic info:

Location: The Arc 디아크
Address: 805, Jukgok-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
KR Address: 대구 달성군 다사읍 죽곡리 805

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