Monday, May 7, 2018

Colorful Daegu Festival 2018: Korea's Most Family Friendly Festival!

Colorful festival for everyone!

Colorful Festival offers various performances and art programs for everyone. There are variety of events and you can enjoy with your friends or family.

Why I love the Colorful Festival?
When the festival starts, people gather in the town square. This festival lets us know to variety of culture. Koreans have a fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, but this festival make a color for ours grey weekdays. This is that day when you can enjoy your life in Deagu.
And I really enjoyed it!
I felt so free and exciting during this festival, because everywhere festival had a different kind of corporate identity. Art market not is just a market. There are a lot of hand-on programs for children and parents together. My best part was when we tried to catch gold fishes with children and everyone were so proud of if we catch one. Children coloured pictures and show it for parents and eat candy-floss together. You can buy beautiful handmade products, such as bag with traditional patterns, earrings or carved ornaments. My opinion is the Colorful Festival is the most family friendly festival, where I have been there in my life.

You can enjoy foreign and Korean art performances in and around the park. I heard beautiful classic music. Atmosphere was marvelous and I cannot write it with words, you must try it.

There were a really extreme point in the festival. This is the Car Show! Amazing cars with rainbow colors and fantastic sound of engine.

After all it, visitors should go to the Food Truck Street.
Sarah (USA) “ I never tried churros with icecream and this is a first time, when I ate mango bingsu. It is fantastic! I came here in the winter period and I couldn`t enjoy this taste yet. I am so happy to come to Colorful Festival today.”

In the evening, the Parade is start!
This is a journey for me. I saw amazing performances, such as taekwondo, Thai and Cambodian dance performance. Lots of participants wear traditional dress and they look so proud of the country and the culture. The most impressive was the dragon dance for me. I am European and I never see it before.

I asked some participants what is the favorite part of the festival and what is a reason, they wanted to participate in.
Batmunkh(Mongolia): The favorite part of the festival I liked most was the moment when we were preparing for marching when we came to line up and encountered the already lined up group when we had a lot of fun and screaming. At that moment we were uploading and shouting. Nowadays, many cultures such as Asian, African and European cultures are being prevalent in South Korea. And this festival became the first opportunity for me to participate in and experience all the cultures at the same time and same place. Hence, I did not want just to watch it, but I wanted to be a part of it. Therefore, I participated in the festival, really enjoyed it and got unforgettable memories.

Batmunkh: Mongolia
Aya (Egypt): There were lots of people from different countries. Children were surprised to see this much of different culture. I saw those eyes and they look so exciting. I really enjoyed it and I am so grateful to represent Deagu University in the Colorful Festival.

Aya (Egypt)

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