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Study Engineering in Korea | From Pakistan and packing tips

Coming to Korea as Engineer Student and Packing Tips

Early life and motivation to apply for higher studies
Life is short but dreams push the man to move forward for their accomplishment and happiness has no limit when you are on the way to it. Being a technology aspirant, the thirst never ends and it always find the ways to get the knowledge. My autobiography is somewhat same with other Pakistanis, which starts from the Pakistan where life is so simple. To take part in the wellness of human being in any field, higher studies is one of the options to cope up with. When I was looking for options to study abroad, then I came to know about Korea as one of the leading options for me because of my field (Engineering). In fact, I was surprised that Korea has progressed so fast and stands in the list of advanced developed countries.

Korea as a one of the leading options
Korea has very well-known companies i.e. Samsung, LG and Hyundai having very high technology. Apart from study point of view, social life is an important factor to travel other country. Yes, I choose Korea because of reasons like, advanced technology, natural beauty reserves, interesting historical culture and places, very low crime rate, free Wi-Fi everywhere:), very clean environment, organized transport system, variety of food, and cultural exchange.

Busan cityscape at Haeundae

Packing tips
Before moving to any country things to keep with you are based on every aspect, from social point to weather conditions. First priority should be given to the baggage limits provided by the airline that you are using to come to Korea. Try your best to get maximum baggage limits from your Travel agents and give priority to the items of basic necessity to avoid last minute tension and unnecessary expenditure.

The points mentioned hopefully indicates most of the items that you may be in immediate requirement for the first few weeks until you settle down well in Korea. Sort of guideline to help you to pick and choose the necessary things.

1. Stationary/study items:- Put one notebook in your hand bag with a pen. Never forget to take Korean dictionary (Eng-Kor/Kor=Eng) with you. If you bring your smartphone, download Googld map instead because you might have problems in communication because every person is not familiar with English language. Nevertheless, people are loving and caring. The grammar book will help throughout the stay in Korea.

Keep driving license along with other travelling documents. If you are student, put all important educational documents in your bag including visa documents because you can be asked anytime about that.

2. Clothing:- Cloths to keep with you, depends on the environmental conditions and season. Korea has four seasons-spring, summer, fall and winter. Bring your clothing depending on the time of your arrival. If the travel is in summer, then keep the half sleeve or sleeveless shirts with lighter dress (pants/jeans). As Korea has variety of brands, it would be highly recommended that use Korea for shopping of clothes. In case of winter season, put warm clothes with a padded jacket/wind breaker with you (highly suggested). Weather of Korea is somehow uncertain, can be different from your country so, be careful and search the weather forecast before leaving. Some items are like gloves, hat, mask, and jacket must be kept in baggage. Take one formal and a set of joggers with you.   

Snowfall in Daegu during spring season

3. Food and kitchen stuff:
- Generally, Korea has number of options for eatables but in starting life keep some spices and nonperishable foods with you that you think is necessary. There is one top secret behind the healthier life of Korean people is their healthy food. That’s why the average life of Korean people is comparatively higher than other Asian countries. Some of the Korean foods are kimchi, bibim-bap and chi-gay (highly recommended). Vegetarian and non-veg can enjoy the food because the options are countless. Kitchen stuff is easily available everywhere in Korea. The recommended spots are Daiso, Lotte mart, and Home mart. Online shopping are G-market and Coupang.

Korean traditional food with multiple side dishes

4. Cosmetics and Medicines: (Cosmetics are very cheap in Korea):- Keep the very basic items with you because Korea is very well-known for its cosmetics in the world. Shaving kit and deodorants are necessary for men during initial days. Most medications for minor problems like cold, headaches and indigestions are available without prescription.  Otherwise, never forget to bring your medication you need daily.

5. Miscellaneous but most Important:- a) Try to contact someone in Korea for receiving if possible or have a note of local contact info in handy or save it on your smartphone. Search out the map where to travel in Korea if you are stranger, check the transport system used for the final destination. It is very easy to access any place in Korea as the transport system is very well-developed. b) Exchange some Korean currency (won). c) Read about Korean culture that how people say greetings to each other while meeting. It will be preferable if you ask someone for help and say at first sight annyong-ha-say-yo. d) Don’t worry about the internet connection. You will find the Wi-Fi everywhere in Korea. e) Note down the important numbers while have an emergency in Korea or at least dial 1330 for tourist hotline. f) At airport you can buy mobile data or temporary sim card. g) Korea is interesting for exploring natural beauty. Sort out the places first and use public transport to visit.

Jeju Island

Korea as a Pride

There are few places on the earth where life is like a heaven and Korea is one among them. Despite the communication gap, you can enjoy the cultural festivals, love and care from people, natural beauty especially the green city Changwon, Jeju and Yangyang, spring season (cherry blossom) having number of festivals, national events like thanks giving day “chuseok”, relatively free from any kind of racism, and many more. This is one of the best place to travel and enjoy the vacations or to live in.

Pohang beach: a sign of liveliness
Natural beauty representation in Busan

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